Know More About Safari Ride in Dubai in 2021

Have you ever experienced an incredible adventure? In the safari ride in Dubai  you take part in activities including taking a memorable ride on the back of a camel while exploring the desert, beautifying yourself with traditional henna body painting, quad biking, sand skiing and dune bashing for the wild ones. 

Enjoy the extraordinary sight of the sunrise in the desert and the beautiful scenery as the sun disappears behind the sun dunes. In addition, have a serene night beneath the stars as one camp in the desert.  

About Dubai Safari Ride

For an incredible, and stress-free experience you are advised to put into account the available Packages and their price range as indicated.

The prices of the package from premium to economy depend on the number of persons taking part in the tour.

Furthermore, enjoy the Emirati culture. This includes their hospitality whose major component is the offering of the sweet-smelling herbal coffee to the visitors indicating a warm welcome, which is carried out in the Majlis, a traditional hosting place.

 Moreover, the Arabian people have upheld their traditional games such as camel racing and falconry that are derived from their old ways of life. During the Safari, traditional houses of the Emirati people are visible with courtyards and wind towers. 

safari ride in dubai

Arabian Culture in safari ride

In addition, poetry takes a large percentage of Arabic culture and is used mostly to entertain and tell stories. There are two types of poetry in the culture: Nabit the common type and Al-Taghrooda conversational poetry.

Sometimes poetry may be included in the dances such as Alayyala, a folk dance that symbolizes unity where men dance in a row holding canes. Belly dancing is carried out to entertain visitors.

Arabian Culture in Dubai Safari Ride

Arabian Cuisines 

Also, enjoy the cuisines of the Arabian people that are largely influenced by the Indian and Mediterranean food.

The uniqueness of the Arabian food comes from the spices used. Furthermore, bananas: considered the food of paradise, and bread are found in most meals. During the safari ride in Dubai, you will enjoy dishes such as Albneh(yogurt), fattoush: a salad with bread and kunafa.
Arabian Cuisines in Dubai

Dress Code in Safari Ride in Dubai

The attires worn in the safari may be determined by some of the policies set in various places in Dubai. 

These policies emphasize the covering of shoulders and knees by both male and female visitors. However, the dressing code should be adjustable to both hot and cold conditions in the desert. The attire used by the Arabic culture includes the Abaya for women which is a loose-fitting long black cloak and a kadura for men which is an ankle-length white shirt.

Dress Code in Dubai desert

The Best Time to Go for Dubai Desert 

Between November and February is the best time to go for Safari Ride. It’s the time when the weather is conducive for wonderful outdoor events.

The safari ride in Dubai takes a maximum of 5 to 6 hours where the 2 hours are used in driving and the remaining hours divided into various experiences such as dune bashing which takes 30 to 45 minutes. An hour is set aside for a photo stop and selfies with the traditional attires, and beautiful sceneries.

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Experience an incredible adventure in the safari ride in Dubai. Partake in activities such as sand boarding, and a  camel ride while exploring the desert.

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