Eye-opening Insights On Burj Al Arab Restaurants

 Do you need to have an amazing time? Burj Al Arab Restaurants is one of the amazing places where you can spend your time with your family or friends. Even if you are couples and you want to spend a romantic date we can recommend this place for you.  

More information about Burj Al Arab 

Twenty-eight years after the United Arab Emirates was founded, the Burj Al Arab was built in the shape of a sail and it became an iconic hotel worldwide. The name Burj Al Arab means ‘the Arabian tower.’ The tower, built-in 1999 and run by the Jumeirah hotel group, was designed by Tom Wright and stands on its island. 

It took three years to build the man-made island it stands on and two years to build the hotel. The tower was one of the first record breakers in Dubai

The island on which it stands is located about fifteen kilometers south of the beach of Jumeirah, one of the old neighborhoods of Dubai. Its location gives it one of the most unique views of Dubai. 

About thirty-nine percent of its architecture was not used for living space and its 202 double-floor suites go for over 2000 US dollars per night. Despite the prices, the rooms are always in high demand because most people consider it a worthy experience. 

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Classifications of Burj Al Arab Restaurants

Al Mahara Restaurant

Al Mahara, one of Burj Al Arab restaurants, is located underwater and has floor-to-ceiling aquarium walls restaurant provides an exclusive north European cuisine.

Al Mahara Restaurant

The Iwan Restaurant

The Iwan is one of the most beautiful Burj Al Arab Restaurants, with its golden columns plus a mixture of black and red décor. This restaurant serves prepared Arabian traditional cuisines.

The Iwan Restaurant

The Muntaha Restaurant

The Muntaha French cuisine. The name Al Muntaha means the highest. This restaurant is two hundred meters above the gulf. 

The Muntaha Restaurant

Bab Al Yam Restaurant

Bab Al Yam, with a brick kitchen, beautiful terrace. It is a favorite for lovers of European delicacies such as pizza and pasta.

Burj Al Arab Bab Al Yam Restaurant

Junsui Restaurant

Junsui offers Asian food from Korea, China, Japan, and Malaysia. Their menu includes the Korean cap chae and the Chinese crispy pecking duck with hoisin sauce.

Junsui Restaurant, Burj Al Arab Restaurants

Sahn Eddar Restaurant

Sahn Eddar offers an array of dishes from all over the world plus live classical music shows. The restaurant’s most famous service is their afternoon tea. 

Sahn Eddar Restaurant, Burj Al Arab Restaurants

Majlis Al Bahar Restaurant

Majlis Al Bahar serves Mediterranean cuisines. At Sky view bar, most drinks are served here. This place is counted as a restaurant and is adjacent to the Al Muntaha.

Burj Al Arab Majlis Al Bahar Restaurant

Luxurious Food & Beverages 

Other places in the Burj al Arab include the gold on 27 which is more of a bar but also offers wonderful bites with their artistic cocktails. Additionally, the scape lodge also makes it to this list. It is a bar lounge during the night and a restaurant by day.

Burj Al Arab Restaurants

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The Burj al Arab is an experience of a lifetime. The luxurious interiors are plush and very comfortable.

From the restaurant where dinner is accompanied by the eye provoking sight of marine life swimming around to the highest restaurant where visitors enjoy a meal as they gaze at the unique views of the fast-growing Dubai vastness.

Visit this great first-class hotel and leave with coveted memories and photos. 

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