Dubai Garden Glow | Amazing Theme Park in Dubai

Dubai Garden Glow is a unique and amazing theme park highlighting larger-than-life creations including lightings, live music, and attractions. The famous family-friendly and the world’s largest theme park hosts thrilling attractions and concepts that have never before been seen in Dubai.

Places to Visit in The Park  

The Art Park

Step in another world away from the scorching temperatures in the city and marvel at Mini Dubai! Ranking as the largest dinosaur park in the world, Art Park hosts a record-breaking 100 animatronic dinosaurs.

The educational and entertainment facility makes for a perfect facility for children and families to learn about the prehistoric era and the amazing reptiles from that era. 

Interactive Hubs

The interactive hubs include the Dinosaur Lab and the Dinosaur Museum’s collection of skeletons. 

Glow Park

The mega artificial garden immersed in light is perfect for a magical stroll. It’s inspired by nature, fireworks, and the world’s wonders. The park doesn’t remain the same and it changes seasonally.

Such one season theme is Underwater highlighting a world of fascinating glowing underwater worlds that can’t go unnoticed!

Entertainment Spots

These include: 

  • African Savanna
  • Ant Party
  • Panda Paradise
  • Rabbit Heart
  • Ladybirds
  • Candy Land
  • Water Fairies
  • Talking Tree
  • Giant Phoenix vase.

Iconic Zones Dubai Garden Glow 

The park comprises four iconic zones:

Glow Park

The zone features over one million energy saver bulbs and recycled, stunning luminous fabric. Experience the dozens of exciting and enchanting exhibits, made by artists from across the world.  2021’s theme at the zone is “Back to Nature”

Dinosaur Park

The zone hosts a display of more than 120 very realistic animatronic dinosaurs.

ART Park

The Eco-friendly display features thousands of recyclables.

Magic Park

Immerse yourself into the world of magic filled with mesmerizing optical illusions and 3D artworks. While here you will be able to see and experience up to 25 exhibits.

Ice Park

The indoor ice sculpture exhibition is at sub-zero temperatures and right in the middle of the desert! Truly incredible! 

Other Attractions include: 

  • Flower Wally
  • Colorful World
  • Glowing Safari
  • Happy Forest
  • Live musical shows
  • Gymnastic performances
  • Water shows
  • Rides

Iconic Zones Dubai Garden Glow 

Fun Facts about Dubai Garden Glow 

  • Dubai garden glow transitions from an art arena during the day to a glowing garden at night. This is using its 10 million energy-efficient bulbs and huge amounts of recycled luminous material illuminating the mega-sized replica of wildlife and natural landscapes.
  • Dubai Garden Glow is open to the public at its three distinct activity zones including The Art Park, the Dinosaur Park, and the Garden Glow. Each of the zones has unique attractions and adventures to be explored by people of all ages.
  • Along with fun and loads of excitement, the Garden is eco friendly and utilizes biodegradable products aimed at reducing the carbon footprint and making the planet habitable for future generations. 
  • Kids to the garden are introduced to a varied flora and fauna. They also learn the importance and role of ecological balance. 
  • The garden features street-styled food such as hotdogs, burgers, pizzas, and ice-creams. These are offered by the vans and stalls throughout the park providing refreshing breaks. 
  • An aquatic installation in the garden is filled with giant jellyfish
  • Take a trip to Jurassic park at the dinosaur park with life-size figures. 
  • The park’s range of attractions feature a unique theme giving guests of all ages something to engage in 
  • Dubai garden glow is studded with breathtaking installations and glowing flowers all around. As a bonus, there are acrobatic performances that will make your visit even more memorable. 

Fun Facts about it

Best Time to Visit  

The Dubai Garden Glow is closed during summer and re-opens in October every year.  The best time to visit is therefore during the winter season. Visitors then can make their visit here between October to May every year.

During this time, you will witness the changeover of the Garden from a magnificent piece of art to a glowing garden in dark. To experience the full magic, make your way here just before the sunset-Around 5:30 p.m.

Getting Here 

Use Dubai International Airport (terminal 3) to Al Jafiliya Metro Station on the Red Line. From Al, Jafiliya uses either a cab or walk to reach entrance gate 6 or 7 of the Dubai Garden Glow.

Look out for public transport 32C running between Airport and Dubai Garden Glow. Visitors can opt for a private or public taxi to the Garden Glow direct from International Airport.

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Dubai Garden Glow will raise your spirits with all of the magical goodness it offers. It makes for a perfect spot to spend an evening, making memories with friends and family.

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