The Updated Procedures For Entering Abu Dhabi

Increase the validity of the check-in to 72 hours and only the "sixth day" check

Firstly, from the updated Procedures for entering Abu Dhabi “The Committee for Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Management”. Today announced the modernization of preventive and precautionary measures in Abu Dhabi.

To preserve all health gains achieved after a comprehensive assessment of activities. These procedures will take effect from Thursday, December 24, 2020.The Updated procedures for entering Abu Dhabi

Tasks Performed by the Committee from the Updated procedures for entering Abu Dhabi

Secondly, The Committee adopted the increased capacity of economic, tourism, and recreational activities. To the possible operational capacity in accordance with the approved precautionary measures.

Also, the Committee adopted the amendment of the validity of the negative result of the examination of the nose swab (PCR) or laser examination (DPI).

Used to enter the Emirate from 48 hours to 72 hours. To replace the examinations of the 4th and 8th day with an examination conducted on the sixth day of entry for those who have more than 6 consecutive days of residence.

The Committee also adopted Abu Dhabi entry procedures for international travelers, including residents of the emirate and tourists.

Including the quarantine exemption of those from green countries. And the reduction of quarantine time for those coming from other countries to only 10 days. These were from the updated Procedures for entering Abu Dhabi.

terminal 3 covid 19 procedures

Covid -19 and Travel Arrivals To Abu Dhabi

Moreover, from the updated Procedures for entering Abu Dhabi, the Committee approved a PCR examination for all travel arrivals from all countries on the sixth day. As, the addition of the examination on the 12th day for those over 12 days of stay.

The classification of states will be reviewed periodically every two weeks,  with global precautionary measures, the Commission has adopted a reduction in the quarantine of contacts to only 10 days, provided that a PCR is examined on the eighth day and that the result is negative.

Additionally, according to Abu Dhabi entry procedures, participants in the national vaccination program for Covid-19. And participants in the third phase of clinical studies of the vaccine. And whose special condition (letter E or golden star) appears on applying the fortress from the medical quarantine procedures for travel arrivals.

Abu Dhabi entry procedures

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Finally, from the updated Procedures for entering Abu Dhabi. The Committee adopted a national survey program to conduct periodic checks for residents of industrial areas, densely populated complexes.

And employees of various commercial activities in The Emirate of Abu Dhabi. And to enhance the capacity of “Seha” screening centers outside the Emirate and to eliminate check-in scans at entry points.

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