Indoor Skydiving Dubai | The Best Sky Dive Experience in Dubai 2021

Dubai is a city of wonders and never ceases to arouse our sense of fun and excitement at its world-class developments. That said the idea of indoor skydiving Dubai may not come as a surprise! At iFly Dubai, you can enjoy the thrill of a free fall and experience the adrenaline rush similar to what you would experience jumping off an aeroplane. 

The facility offers an amazing indoor skydiving Dubai experience to adrenaline junkies. With the facility being situated right at City Centre Mirdif, participants of all ages are welcome to partake in the incredibly thrilling sport.

If this sounds like something you would love to do, explore below what awaits and tips on getting the most out of your experience.

Inside the Indoor Skydiving Dubai 

To ensure visitors have the most authentic flying experience, the facility is fitted with two state-of-the-art wind tunnels. The 10-metre tunnels make up part of The Playmania entertainment that features other activities including:

  • Indoor skiing
  • Football
  • Bowling
  • Aqua Park 

What to Expect 

Visitors must wear a wind-suit, eye protection and any other safety gear provided. Having gone through the safety check, go ahead and dive down the tunnel that’s filled with strong gusts of wind that will fly you away to your exciting experience. 

Why Choose the Experience 

  • It’s an opportunity to skydive without jumping from the plane
  • Experience a free-fall sensation 
  • Fly to mind-boggling heights of as high as 16000 feet

Helpful Tips Indoor Skydiving Dubai

Proper planning beforehand will allow you to make the most of your time at indoor skydiving in Dubai. Make your booking online in advance to avoid any last-minute inconveniences. 

Go for comfortable, loose-fitting wear as the wind tunnel is pretty chilly and cold.

Ensure you read all the instructions and any other information on the waiver form provided before signing. This will help understand all the terms and conditions of your experience. 

It’s advisable to get here at least an hour prior to your flight time. This is from long queues and it might take a while to get dressed up and ready for your indoor skydiving Dubai. 

Keep in mind that there is no age limit at iFly Dubai. Kids as young as 3 to 4 years old are allowed to enjoy the activity but under the safe supervision of an expert skydiving instructor. 

Prior to your flight, the expert instructors always ensure that your indoor skydiving Dubai experience is conducted at utmost safety. Just listen and follow every instruction carefully. 

Instructors teach you all the hand signals you could use while you’re in the tunnel. A one-on-one training session or a group session are available depending on your package.

Based on your aptitude and comfort level, the instructors will teach you cool tricks including flips, spins and rolls to keep your adrenaline pumping in the wind tunnels.

You could also stick around and watch in awe the expert instructors taking to the tunnel. The performances and tricks will sure leave your jaw-dropping!

Helpful Tips Indoor Skydiving Dubai

Useful Information Indoor Skydiving Dubai 

  • The iFly Dubai is located in Dubai’s city centre on Level 1, City Centre Mirdif, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd
  • The iFly indoor skydiving Dubai is open from Sunday to Wednesday 10:00 am – 10:00 pm  and Thursday – Saturday 10:00 am – 12:00 am
  • The Al Rashidiya Metro Station is closest to iFly Dubai Mirdif. Catch the RTA Bus F10 to the City Centre Mirdif Mall from the metro.

Prohibited at Indoor Skydiving Dubai 

  • Guests with exhaustion 
  • Pregnant visitors 
  • Children 3 years old and above can participate in this activity.
  • Height / weight restriction
    *Guests under 180 cm tall weighing up to 105 kgs
    *Guests over 180 cm tall and weighing up to 115 kg.
  • Visitors with shoulder problems 
  • Drinking or taking medication prior to the experience

Prohibited at Indoor Skydiving Dubai 

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Come experience the thrill of some of the most advanced vertical wind tunnels on the planet that will have you flying in minutes at your indoor skydiving Dubai experience- of course without a parachute or an aircraft. Let’s do this!  

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