How to Experience Water Sports in Dubai 2021

Dubai is a city located in the UAE and is a leading tourist destination in the Middle East. The city is located off the Persian Gulf in the Indian Ocean. Did you know there’s a wide range of Water Sports in Dubai that you can choose from while vacationing in the city? With the region having a hot desert climate, these fun water sports will also help to cool off as well as have a great time.

Water Sports in Dubai

Our Dubai Tour Operator offers a variety of water sports in Dubai that will leave you wanting for more. Get adventurous and try out any of the following water sports during your Dubai vacation:

Water Sports in Dubai

Banana Ride

This is a 15 minutes ride on an inflated Banana boat. The banana boat is tethered to a motorboat and the riders are towed through the water. 

The banana boat has a minimum capacity of four riders and is, therefore, a perfect activity for those traveling as a group.

The speed of the boat is dictated by the riders and can be slow for children or fast for those seeking to have a more thrilling experience.

Banana Ride

Donut Ride

The donut ride is another tethered boat activity where an inflated donut boat is towed through the water by a powered watercraft. 

The banana boat has a minimum capacity of 2 people and the ride has a duration of 15 minutes. 

The speed is also dictated by the riders and can, therefore, be slow or fast according to the rider’s preference.

Donut Ride  Dubai

Dubai Jet Ski

Jet Ski is one of the most popular Water Sports in Dubai and the world, you will also enjoy it while in Dubai.

The Jetski ride includes packages of up to 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and of course shared tours. 

This is not an insured activity so riders have to ensure their own safety during the Jetski Ride.

Dubai Jet Ski

Dubai Parasailing

Dubai Parasailing is one Water Sport in Dubai that you will definitely enjoy. You will get to fly in the air and enjoy the most beautiful views of the Jumeirah beach.

While parasailing, you will sit on a parachute which is then towed to a motorboat. As the boat gains speed, you will be lifted up in the air and get the chance to fly over 200 meters above the ocean. The ride lasts 10-15 minutes and is an absolute thrill.

For a safe Parasailing experience, you will also be briefed on all safety procedures before the tour.

Dubai Parasailing, Water Sports in Dubai

Fly board

The fly board is an exciting Water Sports in Dubai where you get to ride aboard powered by a powerful water jet. 

Your feet are attached to the board which launches you above the water as the water jet shoots down in high pressure. 

All you need is a little balance and you will be able to soar in the air like Iron Man! The ride duration is between 20 to 30 minutes.

  • The following requirements should, however, be met for Flyboarding;
  • Rider must know how to swim
  • Rider must be 15 years old and above
  • The minimum weight for the ride is 45- 135 Kg

Fly board, Water Sports in Dubai

Fly Fish

A fly fish is an inflatable sideways boat shaped like an E. The boat is pulled by a speed boat and you have to hold on real tight for the ride. The fly fish ride usually lasts 15 minutes.

Fly Fish in Dubai, Water Sports in Dubai


Kayaking is a Water Sports in Dubai that uses a Kayak to move through the water. A Kayak has a closed cockpit and uses a two-bladed paddle to wade through the water. 

While using the Kayak, you should sit at the bottom of the boat with legs extended outwards.

You can enjoy this water sport for an hour while wading across Dubai’s pristine waters.

Dubai Kayaking, Water Sports in Dubai

Knee Boarding

In kneeboarding, you will be towed to a high-speed motorboat while riding aboard. Your knees and heels have to be on the board while your thigh is strapped to the board’s deck.

The duration of the ride is 15 minutes and you will have to hold on tight on this whirling ride so that you don’t end up falling in the water! 

Knee Boarding in Dubai, Water Sports in Dubai


Wakeboard is a thrilling Water Sports in Dubai that you should try out. This water sport was developed by combining water skiing and snowboarding while incorporating surfing techniques.

Wakeboarding involves the rider being pulled across the water surface by a motorboat. 

You start off in a squatting position and you have to use the motor boat’s power to wake up and ride the board. 

You will definitely have an exhilarating time riding across the waves. The ride takes 15 minutes to ensure that you have your fill of this fun activity.

Wakeboard, Water Sports in Dubai

Water Skiing

Water skiing is another water sport that involves the rider being pulled by a boat. You can use one or two finless skis for the sport.

If you are an apt water skier, you can add to the fun by performing gymnastic stunts while skiing. The duration of water skiing is also 15 minutes.

Water Skiing in Dubai, Water Sports in Dubai

Stand up Paddle Boarding

People who are fitness will enjoy these Water Sports in Dubai extremely as from our point of view that it will not be so attractive for the thrill-seekers.

This activity requires standing upright and paddle at the same time for 30 to 60 minutes.

 You will not have to take any safety equipment or event to train on it. This could be a super exciting activity as you can see with it some global famous attractions in Dubai.  

Jetpack Session

The most beautiful thing about this activity and what makes it very attractive for a large number of people. It leaps you to a height of 30 feet and if you want to dive it gets you under the sea surface about 15 feet.

The duration of this activity lasts 30 minutes and could be available for people above 10 years old. This activity can’t be done without the instructions of a professional instructor and the user will have safety equipment. 

There is a difference between the jetpack and the fly board, the jet pack people wear it on their backs, and as we said before you can fly and dive with it. However,  the Fly Board people wear it on their legs and can only fly.

Catamaran Tour 

There is something in particular about superb yachts that make each marine journey appear to be great.

in Dubai, you can bounce onto a 70 feet Catamaran and witness this magnificence for yourself. This activity is from the unique water sports in Dubai. 

The Catamaran visit takes the watercourse to a considerable lot of Dubai’s significant milestones like the Dubai Marina, JBR, Bluewaters Island, Atlantis, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Canal, Deira, Dubai Eye, Burj Khalifa, and Port Rashid and makes for a paramount encounter.

The FD3 engine yacht utilized for the visit is itself very photogenic when combined with the dazzling perspectives on Dubai.

Catamaran in Dubai

Deep Fishing

Dubai is not just a country to have a fantasy life by living in high society and an extra modern experience.

Water Sports in Dubai are more different than anyone can find in a different city or a country. You can move away from the metropolitan wreck that we are completely used to and invest relaxation energy on a fishing boat. 

The bay has few species of fish for you to get, including Cobia, King Fish, little shark, Sultan Ibrahim, and Barracuda.

Listen carefully to your captain to make sure about a bigger take. Likewise, You may have the option to recognize a couple of colorful types of flying creatures when you are out in the ocean. You can stay out on the ocean for as long as 5 hours.

Deep Fishing dubai

Pedal Boat 

Pedal drifting is conceivably the most healthy family water activity that you can insight in Dubai. You will pedal your boat out in the tremendous spread of water with your family.

You can get an astonishing view of Dubai just as the Persian Gulf vanishing into the skyline. 

Accelerating these light boats likewise gives you a gentle exercise. Dissimilar to most other water-based events, Pedal boating speaks to the relaxed soul of traveling and doesn’t need any insight or progressed abilities. This is potentially the explanation behind its prevalence.

Pedal Boat in Dubai

Water Sports Conditions

For safety purposes, the following conditions have to be adhered to;

  • Water Sports can be canceled during extreme weather conditions.
  • Children below 10 years old are not allowed for all water sports.
  • For Jet Skiing, riders should have relevant insurance and take this tour at their own risk. 

Why Must you Try Dubai Water Sports?

In case you’re totally in love with an adrenaline surge, the seashores in Dubai are actually where you should head. Including almost 50 km of coastline, benefit as much as possible from your Dubai trip by venturing out to one of its numerous flawless seashores that help an assortment of water sports.

Regardless of whether you’re attempting to beat the warmth during the summers or simply hoping to tick a couple of things off your container list, the seashores in Dubai guarantee an absolutely arresting and thrilling experience.

Furnished with best in class gear and very much educated advisers to help you in having a great time, there’s obviously nothing that prevents you from participating in some exciting Dubai Water Sports. 

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For enjoying all these thrilling water sports in Dubai, you can book either of the following packages on Arabian Horizons tours.

We have a wide range of water sports suitable for all visitors who are looking to have a great experience in Dubai.

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