Explore The Beauty of Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park is a 119-hectare wildlife sanctuary. It serves as a recreational and educational attraction for both native and foreign animal species. The majority of the wildlife has either been donated from other zoos or rescued for rehabilitation.

The Safari park features exhibits spread across different ‘villages’, that you can explore in solar-powered vehicles. The villages include:

  • The Arabia Safari Village
  • The Asian Safari Village
  • African Safari Village
  • A children’s zoo
  • An entrance plaza 
  • Wadi village recreational area

What to Know About Dubai Safari Park

  • The Park is located in Al Warqa’a. It’s accessible either by the Al Awir/ Ras Al Khor Road or the Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street  
  • The park is eco-friendly and mainly uses solar energy. 
  • The park’s irrigation system for water recycling, waste disposal and waste recycling is run by a sustainable system
  • The most convenient way of getting to Dubai safari park is by car. However, if you don’t have a car, the easiest way to get to the Park is by public transportation- Take the Metro to the Creek Metro Stop on the Green Line. Take a taxi from here. 
  • The park has 3,500 free parking spots and free transport to and from the main gate. 
  • The park has a population of 5000 animals including birds and reptiles. The ultimate goal of the park is to protect endangered species through extensive scientific research. 
  • Future plans of the park include introducing zoo keeping, veterinary and conservation courses. This will help increase the awareness of wildlife conservation across the UAE. 
  • Dubai Safari park currently operates every day from 9 AM to 5 PM. A full round trip in the whole park takes roughly 5 hours. Therefore be sure so make sure to have enough time to explore everything during your visit
  • The park replaced Dubai Zoo, which was home to around 1,000 animals
  • Dubai Safari Park is spearheaded by Dubai Municipality

Dubai Safari Park Attractions

Safari Village 

Dubai Safari Park offers an exciting traditional open safari, taking you to the jungles of Asia and Africa for rare encounters with the exotic animals. Wander through the village in the comfort of a specially customized vehicle, spot a dozen animals including Baboons, zebras, deer, cheetahs, water buffalos, the majestic lions, and regal tigers freely roaming the park.

At the tiger enclosure, enjoy the rippling waterfalls that are fully solar-powered and meant to enhance the ecosystem of the park’s water-loving residents.

Also, be sure to spot the first drive-through crocodile exhibit that gives you an opportunity to observe some of the world’s most imposing predators up-close.

Safari Village 

African Village 

The African village is a popular zone at Dubai Safari Park. And deservedly so. It’s home to the most exotic wildlife from Africa. The village is partitioned into an African Savannah and Rainforest featuring:

  •  African wild dogs
  • Giant tortoises
  • Chimpanzees
  • The majestic Lions

African Village 

Arabian Village 

Get ready to traverse the sandy deserts, rocky mountains, and lush meadows of this village. You’ll love the wide variety of the flora and fauna here on beautiful display. And of course keep an eye out for packs of wolves, nilgais, and antelopes.

Arabian Village 

Asian Village 

Enjoy a walk through the dense trees studding the Asian village. Some of the species here include:

  • Gibbons
  • Moon Bears
  • Komodo Dragons
  • A variety of birds and reptile species

Asian Village 

Wadi Village 

The Wadi Village is an expansive recreational area where you can relax and enjoy a high energy adventure safari. The Dubai Municipality successfully implemented its green initiative here with:

  • A network of water streams
  • Fishing ponds fully powered by solar energy

Kids Farm

The special zone is dedicated to little ones to learn about traditional farm animals including Chickens, Goats, Sheep, and Cows. The kids will surely enjoy connecting with nature. 

The Future of Dubai Safari Park 

  • Introduction of more than 2000 new animals including a herd of elephants
  • Australian and South American villages
  • Zoomobile fully fitted with state-of-the-art learning tools and aids for children 

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Dubai Safari Park offers an immersive wildlife experience. A lot of work has gone into ensuring the animals here are comfortable; as well as the guests visiting the park. We definitely recommend the park for a day of fun for all animal lovers visiting Dubai. 

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