A Skydive Dubai Height Awe-Inspiring Experience

Dubai is a haven for remarkable experiences. Skydive Dubai height experience is one such experience that literally gives one touch with the skies. Get your adrenaline pumping as you soar like a bird over the magnificent Dubai landscape right on this experience. If you’re thinking of trying out Skydive Dubai but not sure what it brings, read on!


Skydive Dubai is a premier skydiving location in the world. It currently features two drop zones at Palm Jumeirah and the Dubai Desert Campus. 

What to Know Before Skydive Dubai Height Experience

  • Make your skydive reservation in advance. Bookings are on a first-come-first-serve basis. 
  • Wear sneakers, sports shoes, and t-shirts with long or short sleeves
  • Female tandem skydivers are available. Subject to availability. If you wear a Hijab, special skydiving scarfs are available. 
  • Both drop zones offer facilities such as charging stations, shower facilities and changing areas  
  • Skydive Dubai rates are dependent on the type of experience you choose

Skydive Dubai Height Experience (Tandem Skydive) 

Tandem skydive is considered the most popular skydive experience. During this experience, you’re securely attached to a harness along with a professional instructor.

The instructor then parachutes down with you during the skydive. The experience takes approximately 3 hours and when finished you get complimentary photos and a professionally edited video of the experience.

The Four Crucial Steps in Tandem Skydiving

Registration and Training 

When you arrive at Skydive Dubai, you’re required to register and fill in necessary waiver forms. Next, your weight is taken to check your BMI. A tandem instructor and a camera flyer are then assigned to you.

They will accompany you during your whole experience. The instructor briefs you on the entire process, and a safety briefing showing you the best body position for a free fall. This is followed by strapping on the harness. 

The Flight 

To board the flight, you are escorted to a boarding area to receive a pre-boarding safety check and board the plane. Enjoy yourself soaring up to 13,000ft and the breathtaking palm views below. It takes approximately 20 minutes to ride up to the jumping altitude. 

The Jump 

Prior to the jump, your instructor gives you a final check and that’s when the fun begins. The instructor, the camera flyer, and yourself will exit the plane for a free fall for about 60 seconds.

At 6,000ft you will have a 4-5 minute parachute. It’s at this point you can enjoy the stunning skyline of the city and beyond. 


Back to the ground! The cameraman briefly interviews you on your adrenaline filled experience. You are then escorted to the main building where you can chill and calm your nerves as you wait for your photo and video to get ready. Alternatively, you can explore the merchandise store for cool souvenirs. 

Tip: Throughout the experience, your camera flyer will interview you at regular intervals to ensure the entire experience is documented. Make the best out of it. 

Tandem Skydiving in Dubai

Solo Skydiving Course 

Solo Skydiving course includes a training program available at Skydive Dubai Desert Campus. One of the world’s largest skydiving schools in the world. The school offers thrill-seekers an opportunity on being a solo skydiver with an accelerated freefall (AFF) course.

New Solo skydivers can further their limits with a ‘USPA A License’. An internationally recognized certification that allows the holder to jump at drop zones globally. Advanced coaching courses are also available for skydivers wishing to jump at any of the two Skydive Dubai dropzones. 

Requirements for Skydive Dubai Height Experience 

  • All participants are required to carry their passports or a valid photo ID. The ID can be your Emirates ID, driver’s license, or a government ID card.
  • All participants must be 12 years and above on the day of the tandem at both drop zones (Based on the Gregorian calendar).
  • Participants aged between 12-17 are required to bring a consent signed by a parent or legal guardian. This is done on the Parent Consent Tandem Waiver. 
  • Participants above the age of 70 are required to bring a medical certificate prior to the Skydive.
  • Skydiving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited.
  • Participants must have not participated in scuba diving at least 24hrs prior to the tandem skydive.

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Skydiving is definitely not for the faint-hearted but for adrenaline junkies and extreme sports diehards. We hope this insight on Skydive Dubai Height experience was helpful before your next big jump. An experience totally worth the sweat! 

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