Miracle Garden Timing for your Tour of Dubai’s Floral Wonderland

Have you been to the floral wonderland of Dubai? Located in the heart of Dubai land, the Miracle Garden was opened on Valentine’s Day in 2013. The garden covers an area of 72,000 square feet with vertical and horizontal landscape designs featuring quirky layouts, heart-shaped passages, and more. There are over 50 million flowers in bloom in the garden. Miracle Garden timings are open for any day of the week at ideal hours. Visitors are welcome to stop by and experience this magical floral world in Dubai.

Attractions at Dubai Miracle Garden

Attractions at Dubai Miracle Garden

Emirates A380

This is a double-deck jet airliner studded with flowers of different species such as Marigold, Viola, Gaillardia, Coleus, snapdragon, and Petunia. The Emirates A380 is covered with over half a million flowers, making it among the most beautiful sights to see at the Miracle Garden.

Disney Avenue

This is a children’s paradise where kids can have fun finding their favorite characters from Disney. The avenue has a giant version of Disney characters from the House of Mouse such as an 18-foot floral display of Mickey Mouse. The kids will have a grand time getting to meet him.

Lost Paradise

Lost Paradise is an underground area with a depth of 20 feet. The area exhibits floral houses, bungalows, and decorated walkways. This beauty of Lost Paradise takes you on your own fairy-tale-like adventure.

Butterfly Passage

This passage is constructed to give the impression of butterflies lined up. The walkway is also decorated with colorful flowers, adding to the charm of the section. It is a perfect spot to take a lovely photo during your time at Dubai Miracle Garden.

Heart Passage

This is a heart-shaped passage, an ideal spot for couples and honeymooners. The passage is beautifully embellished with fragrant flowers and is a key attraction at Dubai Miracle Garden.

Floral Clock

This is a 15-meter tall clock studded with flowers and plants. The clock’s design changes according to the season and you get to see the changes in the clock’s appearance with each season.


The Gazebo is a reflection of Victorian and Greek architecture, which is represented in a colorful floral arrangement. You will get to appreciate the beautiful aura from the two eras.


The Magical Garden in Dubai has many cabanas where visitors can take a rest during the tour. The cabanas are furnished with comfortable floor cushions, drapes, and sitting areas. This is the perfect place to recharge after your floral sightseeing experience.

Miracle Garden Timing

Miracle Garden Timing

The Miracle Garden is only operated during winter, from November to mid-May. Miracle Garden timings are as follows:

  • From Sunday to Thursday, Dubai Miracle Garden timing are from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • For Friday and Saturday, Dubai Miracle Garden timing is from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm

How to Reach Dubai Miracle Garden

How to Reach Dubai Miracle Garden

After deciding on the ideal Miracle Garden timing for your visit, you can get there using the following ways:

By Metro – Take the red line metro and get off at the Mall of Emirates metro station. You can then take a  taxi to the Miracle Garden.

By Bus – Take the metro to the Mall of Emirates station, then get a bus route 105 to the Miracle Garden.

Dining at Dubai Miracle Garden


The long walk around  Miracle Garden will definitely leave you famished. Below are some of the restaurants you can dine at:

  • Hardees – the restaurants offer delicious American sandwiches
  • Azrat Lebnan – Here, get the best Arabic Shawarmas
  • Bhoujan – This restaurant is ideal for a taste of Indian cuisine
  • Pizza Hut – You can never go wrong with some Italian Pizza from the Pizza Hut
  • Saj2Go – Get the tastiest Lebanese dishes from this outlet.

Shopping at Dubai Miracle Garden

There are various shops at the Miracle Garden where you can get some souvenirs and merchandise.

  • Souvenir shop – The Souvenir shop at Miracle Garden sells a wide array of flowers and floral arrangements. You can select any of your choices or make your own customized souvenir with a personal touch.
  • Photo Booth – Dubai Miracle Garden has an in-house photo booth where you can capture all your wonderful moments.
  • Disney Merchandise – There is special Disney merchandise for your children.

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Miracle Garden timings are flexible for you to take a visit at any time of the week. Make sure to stop by for a floral experience you will never forget.

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