Emirates Desert Safari Locations for a Perfect Desert Adventure

The United Arab Emirates is a country known for its vast desert landscape. With mountains of Arabian sands, desert safari tours are a required activity for UAE visitors. An Emirates Desert Safari lets you explore the desert landscape, nature, and wildlife. There are perfect locations for dune bashing, camping, or trekking.

Emirates Desert Safari Locations

There are numerous locations for you to enjoy your Emirates desert safari.


This is the Big Red sand dune located in Sharjah, a 45-minute drive from Dubai. It is a popular dune bashing site in the Emirates and a perfect spot to enjoy other desert activities such as buggy rides and quad bikes.

Badayer desert in dubai, emirates desert safari

Fossil Rock

Also located in Sharjah, Fossil rock is a 50-minute drive from Dubai. There are marine fossils made up of shells and small creatures millions of years old.

The spot is especially beautiful and is a great location for fossil hunting, camping, and hiking. Photo enthusiasts will also get a perfect shot for Instagram.

Fossil Rock in dubai

Al Faya Desert

This desert is located along Sharjah-Kalba road. The desert has huge dunes that adrenaline junkies will love. Dune bashing, dune buggy riding, and quad biking is a whole new experience at Al Faya desert.

Al Faya Desert in dubai, emirates desert safari


Sweihan is located in Abu Dhabi, a little over an hour’s drive from Dubai. Also known as ‘Little Liwa, this desert has big dunes and soft sands perfect for dune bashing. You will also see camels and falcons at this location.

Sweihan Desert in dubai

Liwa Desert

Also located in Abu Dhabi, Liwa desert is another great dune bashing site. The desert is known for its week-long festivals where participants take on the challenge to go dune bashing over the Moreeb dune. The dune is 300 meters high at a 50-degree angle, making it a hard tackle.

Liwa Desert in dubai, emirates desert safari

Al Qudra Desert

This desert is located less than an hour’s drive from Dubai. It has a few lakes, giving a quaint and cozy atmosphere. The desert is perfect for camping.

Al Qudra Desert in dubai

Jabal Al Jais Mountain

If you are up for a trek in the desert, why not take on one of the tallest mountains in the UAE? Located in Ras Al Khaimah, go for a fun trek and enjoy camping for the night.

Jabal Al Jais Mountain in dubai, emirates desert safari

Your Typical Emirates Desert Safari Experience

A typical desert safari includes various activities, food, and entertainment.

Adventure activities

The first activity is dune bashing where you will ride a 4×4 Land cruiser through the desert dunes. The rest include sandboarding, dune buggy riding, quad biking, and wildlife safari. These are all fun thrilling activities for adrenaline seekers.

Camel Riding

A camel ride is for the calm travelers who wish to have a quaint Arabic experience. The majestic animal will give you a grand tour of the beautiful landscape and you can take several stops for pictures.

Sunrise or Sunset?

A morning tour is the best time to see the golden desert sunrise. You can opt for an early hot air balloon ride for a chance to see the sunrise from 4,000 feet. Alternatively, take the evening tour to see the sunset beyond the desert horizon.

Arabic Cultural Experience

After the adventure, you will get into the cultural experience. This includes getting henna tattoos or trying Arabic costumes. This is the perfect photo opportunity to create a lasting memory of your trip to the Emirates.

A taste of Arabia under the desert stars

 You will also have a taste of Arabic cuisine with a delicious buffet dinner. Satiate your appetite after all the fun with the finest Arabic dishes. The menu includes barbeque meat with vegetarian options available.

The meal is paired with soft drinks, tea, and coffee as refreshments. The starry night will set a nice and romantic mood as you have the meal.

A night filled with entertainment

Entertainment follows to make your night fun and lively. There will be exciting music coupled with enjoyable performances from tanoura dance, belly dancing, and fire dance.

Emirates Desert Safari: Important Tips

  • Wear a hat, sunglasses and bring sunscreen for protection against the sun and harsh desert rays.
  • Wear shoes that can easily traverse sandy terrain
  • Bring a jacket because the desert temperature drops in the evening

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An exciting experience, there are numerous Emirates desert Safari locations to live out and explore your desert adventure fantasies.

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