Go on a Private Helicopter Ride in Dubai in 2021

Can you imagine experiencing Dubai aerial views? You bet it’s a thrilling experience! A private helicopter ride in Dubai gives you a rare opportunity to experience a rare view of magnificent Dubai. Dubai is popular for its numerous skyscrapers, rolling sand dunes and artificial islands. 

A helicopter ride in Dubai can fit several special occasions including: 

  • Going on a date 
  • Family vacation
  • Special package for children
  • Business trips
  • Leisure

Types of Private Helicopter Rides in Dubai

There are several helicopter rides in Dubai to try. Best part is, each ride has a unique helicopter package to fit different occasions. These tours are awesome and a must try!

 These are the various helicopter tour services in Dubai;

Family Helicopter Ride in Dubai

 Enjoy a brilliant time with all your family in a private helicopter ride that takes you soaring above Dubai. Soak in every bit of Dubai’s fascinating features from above. The helicopter ride goes over the modern and traditional parts of the city. 

The rich culture displayed by the design of buildings, the skyscrapers piercing up in the sky, gigantic sand dunes with marvelous shadows are some features you will marvel at during the ride.

Note, short flights are best as they  pass through very many captivating places. The flights are about 25 to 15 minutes. This experience is a very memorable moment especially for your kids (must be above 2 years of age). The Kids should also have weight that exceeds 16 kilograms. 

Family helicopter ride in Dubai

Romantic Ride in Dubai

The private helicopter rides are available for your romantic special occasion. Experience an unforgettable fascinating experience with your partner on this memorable tour.

Enjoy viewing the mindblowing infrastructures of Dubai’s city from the sky. Take incredible pictures in the sky as you hover above the city. 

Dubai’s gorgeous islands right  in the middle of the desert is one of the incredible sights that will help you and your partner create fond memories of your helicopter tour. The tour is a perfect plan in place of mundane night dates.

Romantic Ride in Dubai

Types of Romantic Helicopter Rides in Dubai

A 22 minutes helicopter ride gives you a sensation in Dubai’s sky. The flight moves from the traditional areas of old Dubai, to the magical Burj Al Arab. Expect to enjoy numerous wonderful scenes in between the two amazing structures. 

A 40 minutes private helicopter ride will fly you overhead to the impressive structures such as; Burj Khalifa tower, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, the Dubai Marina, and the wonderful artificial islands.

Don’t miss the spectacular Dubai frame, Al Safa park, Dubai canal project, port of Rashid, the luxurious emirates golf club, Palm Jebel Ali and Montgomerie Dubai.

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The amazing private helicopter ride in Dubai should be your next plan during festivities. Bring your family, kids or partners and experience the most remarkable experiences in Dubai. 

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