Explore The Wonderful Christmas Decorations in Dubai

Christmas is a few hours away and about time for spicing up your home decor and bring some holiday vibe. Try something exciting and different for the festive season with below tips to decorate your home with christmas cheer. Consider this our early christmas decorations in dubai you will love it.

Did you know there’s a variety of ways to decorate your Christmas tree? You can opt for the traditional route decorating with a tree, fairy lights and baubles. To get an extra edge, you could hang on the branches some colorful:

  • Cardboard stars
  • Bows
  • Christmas cards
  • Pom-poms

Christmas Decorations in Dubai

How to Fix a Christmas Tree

  • Pick a nice Christmas tree and make it a centerpiece at the most central spot in your house. 
  • Throw in some gold, red, green, blue and silver ornaments. This depends on the hues around your home. For an extra pop, personalise the tree with handcrafted baubles. 
  • Opt for fresh spruce or an artificial Christmas tree from one of the well-known outlets selling Christmas decorations in Dubai.
  • To make it a fun and exciting weekend project for your little ones, add stringers made from knitted festive socks. Better still, if you have some twinkling fairy lights around your tree, don’t forget to use LED lights- They are great for saving on your electricity bill.

Christmas Tree in dubai

Front Wall Decoration 

How to Fix

  • Choose a Christmas-themed wreath of your choice to adorn your walls during the festivities. 
  • You could opt for the traditional red, white theme, festive green and white look
  • Keep it simple by hanging a beautiful wreath with a couple of other decorations such as a garland made out of paper berry leaves on the wall.

Christmas Wall Decoration in dubai

Old Stockings

Like most people, you probably never thought old stockings can come in handy and it’s about time to pull them out. They make up for affordable Christmas decoration! 

  • Sort the stockings out by separating the different colors (white, red and green socks). 
  • Sew some cotton on the ankles
  • Add some lace for extra detail and you will have your own brand new Christmas themed stocking decor!

Christmas Stockings in dubai

Glass Bowls

Glass bowls or bell jars are versatile and can come in handy beautifying your Christmas home decor. Find some succulent or artificial plants and a white packing material. This will give the impression of snow. Interesting how you can turn any jar into  your own winter wonderland.

Christmas Glass Bowls


Love and light on a Christmas season! Place a scented candle in a mason jar full with: 

  • Fairy lights
  • Pine cones
  • A Christmas tree branch
  • Other decorative elements.
  •  To add a touch of charm to different surfaces like a coffee table or nightstand, add some flameless candle variety 

Christmas Candles


If you happen to be living in an apartment in Dubai, you may not have many options to decorate the outdoor area, but you can’t go wrong with a Christmas wreath. The wreath will is a great message that you are indeed celebrating all the joys of the festive season.

If you have a rented villa in Dubai, you could still go all out with your decor.  Pick up several gnomes, a large snowman and better still a figurine of Santa Claus and the reindeers to bring about your own winter wonderland at home! These coupled with a few festive lanterns and some twinkling fairy lights will bring magic to the atmosphere. 

outdoors christmas decorations in dubai

Christmas Dinner Table Set

Hosting a dinner party over Christmas never goes out of style! 

How To Make an XMas Dinner Set

  • Try out snowflake cutouts
  • Add mini Christmas tree centrepieces out of decorative paper holiday-themed place cards
  • Throw in some ornamental baskets, napkins and candy e.g. a basket packed with baked goodies, pine cones and candles around will look absolutely gorgeous.
  • Go ahead and add some fancy glasses tied with red ribbons and some small pine cones inside them on the table.

There is no limit to just how creative you can get.

Christmas Dinner Table Set

Christmas Gifts

Surprise your loved ones by putting a smile on their faces with better home decoration and  getting some gifts for them in special, decorated boxes. 

Tip: Get some glittery red, white or green wrapping paper in their  festive colours and tie them with ribbons in contrasting colours.

Opt to place all the gifts on a table instead of under your Christmas tree. Then get some ornaments and place around the presents to keep things vibrant in your home!

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We hope this post about Christmas decorations in Dubai 2020 and the decoration ideas are useful. Arabia Horizons wish you the happiest, magical holiday season and a prosperous New Year! 

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