Planning your Kids Birthday Party in Dubai 2021

Every birthday is so important to your little one and every parent wishes to give their child an unforgettable birthday celebration.  Below is an ultimate guide for planning your kids’ birthday party in Dubai that will ensure they keep talking about it!

Planning your Kids Birthday Party in Dubai 2020

Dubai Aquarium 

Does your little one love animals? The underwater paradise – Dubai Aquarium makes for the best kids’ birthday party spots in Dubai.

Nothing beats your kid sharing the festive mood with their friends hanging out with the beautiful aquatic life.

Dubai Aquarium is home to more than 140 marine species. The little party-goers can spend time up close with these creatures during:

  • A guided tour of the Underwater Zoo
  • A walk through the Aquarium tunnel
  • A ride on the glass-bottom boat
  • Feeding the fish 

Dubai Aquarium, birthday party in dubai

Al Manara Fire Station 

If you’re seeking extraordinary places for your kids’ birthday party in Dubai without breaking the bank, Al Manara Fire Station is a perfect plan.

Celebrate your little one’s birthday at an actual fire station with real-life firefighters.

The cool venue in Dubai ensures your child’s birthday party is an absolute hit with its range of activities including:

  • A mandatory safety drill. It is part of the learning experience and marks the beginning of the fun
  • Water fights using the powerful fire hoses and a ride in the firetruck 
  • The venue and the activities are at a zero charge (for up to 100 kids). However, the cake, food, and décor would be yours to bring.

Al Manara Fire Station 

Cafe Ceramique Dubai

Unlike other places in Dubai that allow kids to go wild,  Café Céramique allows the kids to

unleash their creativity. Kids spend their special day in the calming activities of making art. Painting pottery is the main attraction here.

Other highlights include:

  • Games, sand art, singing, dancing, and face painting 
  • Plenty of food 
  • To host a birthday party here, you’ll need at least 15 kids aged 5 years and above.

Cafe Ceramique Dubai

Aqua Duck 

The recreational playground is a great outdoor birthday party venue in Dubai and Perfect for cooling off in the heat.

The water wonderland is in the heart of the city and has gained its popularity for creating memorable birthday parties for kids with the park’s facilities including: 

  • Cannons
  • Tilting buckets
  • Awesome slides 
  • The facility also serves as an indoor birthday party venue

Aqua Duck 

Dubai Dolphinarium 

The Dubai Dolphinarium is a unique experience of its own. It makes one of the most popular kids birthday party venues in Dubai. Dubai Dolphinarium highlights: 

  • Fun games
  • Interaction with dolphins, birds, and other unique interactions.

Dubai Dolphinarium, birthday party in dubai

Dubai Bowling Centre

The bowling center gives you all the entertainment and excitement your little ones need on their special day. Besides bowling, kids can have fun in:

  • The trampoline space
  • The arcade 
  • e-gaming zones

Dubai Bowling Centre

Chuck E-Cheese

Chuck E-Cheese offers your little ones a full day of excitement all in one roof. 

Key highlights include: 

  • A video arcade with interactive games
  • A kids menu 
  • An all-you-can-eat salad bar
  • Performances by Chuck E. and his gang 
  • Fun and entertainment galore

Chuck E-Cheese, birthday party in dubai

Extreme Fun Dubai

The play area and party center are suited for: 

  • Kids up to 10 years old 
  • Playgroups and mothers groups 
  • Parents seeking to bring their kids for some wild indoor fun while sitting back and enjoying a coffee and free wifi. Kids must be under a parent/guardian supervision
  • Kids menu
  •  Ample parking outside the venue

Extreme Fun Dubai

The Green Planet 

A really unique way of celebrating your kids’ birthday party in Dubai in the city’s bio-dome. Come prepared to explore the Green Planet’s fascinating:

  • Flora and fauna in an immersive adventure into the tropics
  • Get enchanted in the tropical forest that’s home to over 3,000 plants and animals
  • Feel the presence of the world’s largest indoor man-made and life-sustaining tree
  • Step inside The Bat Cave for a rare encounter with nature’s most thrilling and wondrous denizens
  • Touch an Emerald Tree Boa snake
  • Enjoy the distinctive songs of the wonderful birds around Green Planet
  • Say hello to two adorable sloths living here 
  • Watch the squirrel, monkeys jumping and moving from one tree to another.

The Green Planet, birthday party in dubai

The Green Planet is more of an educational and recreational facility that aims at raising awareness for the delicate balance of nature.

Kids can spend their special day getting to learn about the preciousness of one of our world’s oldest living ecosystems.

Besides, people of all ages get inspired by learning about and caring more for all animals and plants on earth. 

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There’s so much adventure to be explored in Dubai during your little one’s birthday party in Dubai. We hope this was helpful in making the special moments count. Book any of this now from our Dubai Tourism website.

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