Try The Helicopter Rental Experience Dubai in 2021

Dubai is renowned for its futuristic skyscrapers, stunning archipelagos, and mind-blowing stretches of sandy coastlines. And what better way to experience the city’s boundless magic than with a Helicopter rental Dubai. But first things first. 

How to Choose a Helicopter Tour

For a memorable helicopter ride, then your choice of the helicopter is something you should carefully take into consideration. To begin with, do a background check on different companies and the teams behind them. Next, find out the years of experience.

Finally, find out what other people are saying about these companies. Most importantly, check on customer testimonials. Most reputable companies are proud to showcase their satisfied customer’s testimonials. 

Face Your Fears

Although some people may feel ready and willing to fly, others are troubled deep down by the thought of flying. If this is you, you are not alone and plenty of people are scared to fly.

One way to overcome fear is to understand the source of your fear. Which is not really about flying, but what could happen on the flight. That powerlessness is what you experience as fear.

To overcome the fear of flying then, you have no choice but to take control and reclaim your power back. Choose a reputable and reliable company. This will help you relax knowing you’re in safe hands.

Another tactic is to replace your fear with knowledge such as finding out on the helicopter’s safety features, and other basics related to the flight experience. 

On the day of the tour, speak to your pilot before the tour starts. This will boost your confidence as you get to understand they are highly trained and experienced. 

How to Choose a Helicopter Tour

What to Wear on the Helicopter Experience 

When choosing something to wear for your Helicopter Sightseeing tour, go for something comfortable and fitting. Fitting clothes are commendable since loose clothes may fly up into the rotors.

Layers of clothes are also a great choice to give you more flexibility in controlling the temperature inside the cabin. For shoes, go for something stable and comfortable. Sandals and heels are highly discouraged. 

For pants, consider going for full-length jeans. The material is not only warm, but it also gives you an option to tuck your shirt. 

For color on clothing, darker shades win! This is especially so if you consider taking lots of pictures of yourself. Too light clothes may cause an ugly glare in your photos. 

Helicopter Sightseeing Dubai Safety Tips  

Below are some helicopter safety protocols:

  • Pay attention to any instruction or briefing offered by the pilot. Part of his job is keeping you safe and anything he says is meant to keep you safe.
  • Follow instructions given when entering or exiting the helicopter. Remember if the rotors are moving, your life will depend on how well you can follow instructions. 
  • While approaching the helicopter as well as when inside, secure any personal belongings you feel could be blown away. This includes clothing that may be a little too loose. 
  •  A golden rule to abide by, if any of your belongings are carried away, don’t chase them. Trained personnel will assist with the search for such items. 

Helicopter Sightseeing Dubai

Best Time For a Helicopter Rental 

Here’s how to determine the best time for a Helicopter rental


There’s something magical about sunrise. And when considering a Helicopter rental, sunrise is certainly perfect. This will allow you to take in all the magical moments of Dubai in all its glory coming to life.   


Sunrise helicopter rentals will usually require you to arrive at the airfield very early in the morning (4 AM to 5 AM). Some people can do that whereas others find it challenging.

If you fall in the latter category, a helicopter tour during the day will give you crystal clear views of the city. It’s also a great time to catch landmarks that you may have missed during the early morning tour. 


Unlike the sunrise, a dusk helicopter rental is an opportunity to catch the magic of the setting sun. There’s something undoubtedly romantic watching the sun transition from the blue skies to violet as it dips down the horizon.

This option also allows you to witness a fully lit up city moments after dusk. A rare experience you won’t see during any other time of the day.

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