Explore The Snowy Dubai Mall Ski

Treat yourself to the winter wonderland at Dubai Mall Ski. It’s located inside the Mall of the Emirates and it’s the Middle East’s first indoor ski resort, and the world’s largest indoor snow park.

The attraction offers an exclusive and breath-taking mountain-themed snow setting and it’s one of the most popular attractions in Dubai.

What to Know About Dubai Mall Ski 

Dubai Mall Ski was opened to the public in November 2005. It covers an impressive 22,500 sq. m of the area with real snow, and it’s considered one of the most exciting places in Dubai. The once-in-a-lifetime experience is popular amongst both aspiring and professional snow sports enthusiasts.

The winter resort features a stunning 85-meter mountain top (equivalent to a 25-story building). One of the top activities visitors mostly enjoy here is climbing the mountain. Join in the fun on the exciting Mountain Thriller ride at a speed of up to 46 kilometers per hour! 

Fun Activities Dubai Mall Ski 

Slopes Skiing 

Heading to the slopes for some skiing adventure is one of the first things to do at the Mall of the Emirates. Embark on the fun activity either by yourself or join the Ski School for a group adventure.

Everyone from children to adults can get training via one-on-one sessions with qualified instructors. The Ski School makes for a great secure-yet-fun environment to improve your skiing skills.

Slopes Skiing 

Snow Park Tour  

You are allowed to build your own snowman at the 4,500 sq. m. snow park. Alternatively, you go tobogganing, sledding, towers climbing, or exploring the indoor ice cave.

Snow Park Tour in Dubai Mall Ski

Snow Bullet 

How about flying on the world’s first indoor zipline. Experience what it’s like flying right through the air-16 meters above the ground. It’s hands down an unforgettable experience racing against family and friends on the 150-meter long zip line.

Snow Bullet in Dubai Mall Ski

Tobogganing and Zorbing 

Dubai Mall Ski is home to exhilarating activities including the exciting Zorbing (rolling down a slope in an inflated ball).

Tobogganing involves sliding down icy slopes which are most popular amongst kids. Both activities however still remain popular amongst groups as well as families.

Tobogganing and Zorbing in Dubai Mall Ski

Penguin Encounter 

The Dubai Mall Ski is the proud host of Gentoo and King Penguins. The lovely bird’s home is a sophisticated habitat, fitted with a private pool, a resting comfortable top deck, and a private holding area.

Here you have the privilege of witnessing the majestic third-largest penguin-Gentoo penguins. Notable is the Penguin’s white cap that extends eye to eye and over the top of their heads.

The King penguins are slightly bigger, making them the second largest. Notable is their signature bright orange patches on the side of their head. You will experience these beauties from a glass wall as they roam freely in their home.

Penguin Encounter in Dubai Mall Ski

A Swim With the Penguins

The snow park offers visitors an incredibly rare experience getting up close and personal with the adorable creatures.

The swimming experience in the 10c 5-foot deep pool is accessible to adults (18 years and older) well equipped with swimming skills. A maximum of two people can embark on the adventure at a time.

A Swim With the Penguins in Dubai Mall Ski

North 28 Cafe 

Tired from all the fun and excitement and need to warm up? Head over to the top of the ski slopes. This could be by chairlift or foot into the mountain-themed cafe. Cozy up in and warm up with a signature hot chocolate in the Alps themed restaurant. 

North 28 Cafe in Dubai Mall Ski


How to Get to Dubai Mall Ski 

Dubai Mall Ski is located at the Mall of the Emirates (MOE) Dubai. The entrance is on the Ground floor next to Magic Planet.

The Mall Of Emirates is accessible by bus, metro, taxi, and car. The most convenient way is by Dubai Metro heading to the ‘Mall of the Emirates Metro Station’ on the Red Line.

If visiting by car, use the Mall’s parking lot. Note, with a Ski Dubai ticket the parking is free for at least 4 hours during the weekdays. The parking is also free during weekends and public holidays.

Dubai Mall Ski Timing 

The snow attraction is open seven days a week. Over the weekdays, the Ski Dubai is open from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm (exclusive of Thursday when it’s open till 12:00 am). Other days operating hours are from 9:00 am till 12:00 am. On weekends (Friday and Saturday) it operates from 09:00 am till 11:00 pm.

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Dubai Mall Ski is certainly an interesting comparison between normal Alpine skiing at a place like France.

Dubai has managed to create a heavenly snowy equivalent in one of the least snowy places on the planet. The novelty of this marvel is definitely one not to be missed during your visit to the city. 

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