All you Need to Know About The Dubai Food Festival

The culinary extravaganza celebrates cuisine from around the world and the only real citywide food festival in the Middle East. The Dubai food festival is held annually. It’s a celebration of Dubai’s emergence as a gastronomic destination and highlights:

  • A calendar of exciting food-related events and promotions
  • Highlights of Dubai’s unique food scene
  • The city’s world-class dining experiences
  • The diverse nature of Dubai’s cuisines– from five-star gourmet dining to everyday restaurants and cafés for all budgets
  • International brands
  • A flourishing scene of home-grown concepts influenced by traditional Emirati dishes and over 200 nationalities living in Dubai

Dubai Food Festival Highlights 2020

Masterclass With Top Chefs in Dubai 

The Dubai Food Festival featured over 80 experiences among them masterclasses by the industry.’s top chefs including: 

Masterclass With Top Chefs in Dubai 

Class With Margarita Vaamonde-Beggs

Diehards of the hit cookery show MasterChef got a treat with a hands-on experience of the drama and action that happens in the show.

The masterclass was held by Margarita Vaamonde-Beggs- Head chef at the TV Experience restaurant-Millennium Place Hotel in Dubai Marina. Visitors got their share of entertainment at the Mystery Box Challenge.

A competition where you whip up a dish with surprise ingredients. The guests also took part in cooking a series of popular dishes created by the show’s participants.

Sushi Making

Guests learned the art of making sushi in the sushi masterclass. The class was held at Wakame, Sofitel Hotel-Downtown Dubai.

The lessons involved learning how to make four different types of sushi. There was also an additional class learning useful tips and tricks from the experts on serving sushi 

 Vegan Desserts Class

Clean eating is now a trend and vegan-dining options are popular than ever. Foodies learned how to make vegan desserts at Culinary Boutique-Jumeirah.

Guests also created all vegan desserts that were both gluten and guilt-free!

Vietnamese Cooking Classes

The Dubai Food Festival 2020 offered an opportunity for guests to be a part of the Vietnamese food masterclass. This was organized by Waldorf Astoria Dubai-Palm Jumeirah.

Guests learned how to make Vietnamese treats including a traditional pho, Vietnamese rolls, stir-fried noodles, and Saigon crepes.

Cantonese Food Class

Guests got a chance to take part in a Cantonese cooking class. The class involved learning how to make shrimp moneybags, seafood, chicken soup dumplings, dim sum, and hand-pulled noodles.

The visitors also indulged in a three-course gourmet meal accompanied by black tea smoked sea bass, BBQ, short ribs, and Cantonese papaya puff with sweet hive-style brown cake

Unusual Dishes at Chef’s Tables

Diners were a part of a unique gastronomical journey trying off the menu dishes alongside the chef who created the culinary masterpieces including: 

Unusual Dishes at Chef’s Tables

Italian and Japanese Cuisine Fusion 

The guests tantalized their taste buds at Akiba Dori-Dubai Design District. The Japanese restaurant offers a fusion of Italian and Japanese cuisine.

Guests could also try the off-menu Neapolitan Pizza prepared in a unique Tokyo style by Luigi.

Experiential Dining Options at Dubai Food Festival 2020 

Inspiring dining options where guests learned something new including:

Experiential Dining Options at Dubai Food Festival 2020 

Dinner at Emirates Bio Farm

The farm is owned by Emirates Bio Fertilizer Factory. Guests were treated to a healthy dinner during the organic tasting tour.

The experience was a unique opportunity to learn about sustainable farming and organic foods. 

Mystery Dinner

Travel back in time and have a taste of 1920s New York City-style mystery dinner. This is at the Paramount Hotel-Business Bay district-Dubai.

The theme called to resolve a murder mystery. The mystery would unfold as you sampled the authentic 1920’s era cuisines and beverages. 


The fine restaurant specializes in Indian cuisine. The restaurant’s highlight was a 14-course delightful menu from the best eateries around Dubai.

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Besides the festivities and food extravaganzas, guests at the Dubai Food Festival were treated to an epic Fireworks show at the seaside-Etisalat Beach Canteen.

The festival extravaganza is a feast for the senses and an adventure not to be missed while in Dubai. 

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