Desert Safari Dubai

Planning your Desert Safari Dubai

What to consider while choosing your Desert Safari Dubai Experience? There are many factors to take into consideration while choosing your Dubai Desert Safari Experience. Here are some things to take into consideration while choosing your tour. 

Timing of The Tour

One of the most important factors of Desert Safari Dubai is the time of the tour. It affects the overall experience of the safari tour. Do you want to capture the stunning views of the sun as it rises in the morning?

If yes, then the morning safari tour is just what you need. Capture the beautiful sunrise over the golden dunes of Dubai while enjoying various activities at the Dubai Safari. Do you want to capture the sunset over the red dunes? If yes, then the evening safari tour will do just that.

Enjoy the various activities at the desert camp while watching the stunning views of the sunset. Indulge in the delicious BBQ dinner and experience various activities such as camel riding, henna painting, and sandboarding.

The Desert Camp

The Desert camp plays an important role in the overall experience of the desert safari. Some camps are based on traditional Bedouin-style and other camps have a royal and luxurious style. The food served in the desert safari is also different in each camp.

Some camps offer more activities such as horse riding and quad bikes. The location of each camp is also different. Some camps are located near the city and some are more into the Arabian desert. c the preserved lives of the animals and plants that are indigenous to the region.

Explore The Desert Safari Experience 

Wildlife Conservation, Dubai Desert Safari, Dubai Safari Tour

Wildlife Conservation

Engage with the wildlife in Dubai Safari in its natural habitat at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. You’ll find mesmerizing wildlife animals such as the Oryx, gazelles, Sand Fox, Wildcats, Lizards, & more. You could also enjoy the Falconry Show & get a closeup interaction with the beautiful falcons while taking some memorable photos.

Hot Air Balloon, Dubai Safari Tour

Hot Air Balloon

Ride on a thrilling hot air balloon for an unforgettable experience. Get to see a mesmerizing view of the sunrise & desert wildlife from above. You could also get a chance of watching a falcon soaring around you.

camel rides, Dubai Desert Safari

Camel Rides

Ride the iconic ships of the desert for an ultimate Dubai desert safari experience where you could enjoy the desert vibes & interact with these wondrous creatures. These creatures where used to by bedouin to move them across the harsh environment.

Ultimate Thrill ActivitiesRides (Adrenaline Rush), Dubai Safari Tour

Ultimate Thrill Activities/Rides (Adrenaline Rush)

Feel the adrenaline rush through your senses as you bash through the desert dunes with 4x4 vehicles, dune buggies, & quad bike. Race through the desert dunes or surf using sandboards. Have a blast of excitement and an unforgettable experience.

Cultural Heritage Experience, Dubai Desert Safari

Cultural Heritage Experience

Get a closer look at the Emarati cultural heritage & live the Bedouin lifestyle for a complete desert safari experience. Take part in the traditional performances, try traditional foods while watching it get prepared, get a henna tattoo & wear Bedouin outfits.  

Night Live Entertainment Shows, Dubai Safari Tour

Night Live Entertainment Shows

Prepare yourself for further entertaining Desert Safari Dubai night activities. Engage in the Arabian Nights vibes at the camp with delish BBQ, soft drinks, & Shisha while watching live shows such as Tanoura dance, Belly dancing, Fireworks, & traditional performances.

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