Paramotor in Dubai Desert


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  • Duration: 20-25 Minutes


    • A 20-minute Paramotor in Dubai over the Dubai desert
    • Customized sunrise and sunset flights

Your Experience (Description)

Escape into the Dubai desert adventure and experience an unmatched aerial expedition with a paramotor in Dubai Soaring 3,000 feet above the sand dunes sounds like the perfect getaway plan for thrill-seekers in the part kart, part jet, part parachute flying machine! 
Feast your eyes with the rare colors and contours of the picturesque golden landscape below you as you glide in the skies. 
The activity takes place within the Skydive Dubai Desert Campus and worth a trial for adrenaline junkies looking to add another remarkable feat to their bucket list. Even more exciting, the experience is pretty new to the airborne adventure scene in Dubai! The city is among one of the very few locations on the planet offering the rare thrill of a paramotor flight. 


What’s Included

  • A 20-25 minutes Paramotor in Dubai flight
  • A highly qualified pilot 
  • Safety instructions
  • Insurance 
  • Meals
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