Nara Desert Escape at Sonara Camp

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    Planning and organizing your trip
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    Enjoying Campsite
    Having breakfast in Desert Lights

Your Experience (Description)

A unique campsite that provides quintessential activities and dining options, customized entertainment for your benefit, is nestled in the heart of the Arabian Desert. An exciting ride to the Dubai Desert Protection Reserve, home to hundreds of oryxes and gazelles, is offered by Sonara Desert Camp. It is possible to enjoy this environmentally friendly and safe camp early in the morning or at sunset.
with a tasty breakfast in the morning and watching the sunset under the desert as you sit peacefully on an air-conditioned vehicle or by enjoying a healthy (and short) camel ride—the choices are all thrilling, exciting bucket loads of fun You can explore the desert by this.  


What’s Included

  • Professional Guides
  • Access to desert-based insurance operations
  • Cocktails, water, soft drinks, juice, coffee & tea, non-alcoholic beverages
  • Access to Dubai Conservation Reserve Desert 
  • Optional Light Dune Breakfast 
  • An optional 10-minute Land Cruiser Dune Trip
  • An optional Camel trip to the camp for 20 minutes 
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