Your Guide to Quad Bike Safari Dubai

Dubai has a picturesque desert landscape with high dunes overlooking the horizon. A desert safari is definitely in que for anyone visiting the city and a quad bike safari Dubai tour is the best adventure to enhance your experience.

A quad bike is a four-wheeled vehicle built for off-road driving. This all-terrain vehicle travels on low-pressure tires. It is equipped with handlebars for steering control and a straddle seat for the operator. The bike is easy to drive even for rookie drivers and will easily navigate the dunes.

Quad Bike Safari Activities

A quad bike safari Dubai tour also incorporates other fun activities. These include:

  • Sand Boarding

This is a recreational activity where you get to ride a specially made sandboard to ride down the slopes of the dunes. As the board attains speed, you will feel the sand give way below your feet and have a thrilling experience.

  • Camel Riding

After going for an adventurous ride, camel riding gives you a more cultural experience. You can take a short camel ride and traverse the desert dunes like the old Bedouins. The camel is an important animal in Bedouin culture used for travel, meat, and milk.

Quad Bike Safari Activities

Quad Bike Safari Dubai Packages

Morning Drive

Enjoy the glorious Dubai desert early in the morning with an exciting quad bike safari. Pick-up is 8:00 am after which you will head to the desert for the quad biking tour. After a short briefing and instructions, embark on an hour biking session in the desert. The guide will be there to lead you through the desert terrain.

Evening Drive

The evening drive takes place late in the afternoon. You will be picked up from the hotel at 3:00 pm. After a briefing session and training, go on an hour quad bike safari of the desert landscape. You can take several steps to rehydrate, have a snack, and take photos. Other activities include sandboarding and camel rides.

Evening Drive with Bedouin Camp experience

Pick up from the hotel is at 3:00 pm, after which you will head to the desert for the quad bike safari Dubai tour. An instructor will train you on how to ride the quad bike and give safety instructions. After this, head out for an hour-long ride into the challenging desert terrain. You can follow up this adventurous experience with sandboarding.

Later, return to the desert Bedouin camp for an Arabic cultural experience. Here, try out other desert activities such as camel riding, smoking shisha, and henna painting.

After watching the majestic desert sunset, indulge in a delicious barbeque dinner with buffet meat. There are vegetarian options available as well. For refreshments, enjoy unlimited soft drinks, water, tea, or Arabic coffee. You will be entertained by thrilling performances from a belly dancer and a Tanoura dance show.

Quad Bike Safari Dubai Packages

Picking your Quad Bike Safari Dubai Experience

Before you go on a quad bike safari in Dubai, consider the following factors;

  • Your Budget

There are various tours to experience based on your travel budget. You can opt for a short morning tour with a limited budget. Otherwise, go for a quad bike safari offering more activities to save time and experience everything at once.

  • Your travel companion

A quad bike safari is not allowed for children younger than 3 years. It is also not suitable for senior citizens.

  • Weather conditions

Since Dubai has a desert climate, planning your tour during the winter season is preferable because it will not be too hot. You will enjoy your quad bike safari comfortably.

Picking your quad bike safari Dubai experience

Quad Bike Safari Dubai: Important Information

  • Helmets and safety goggles are provided
  • Guests are required to sign an indemnity form against injury before going on the quad bike tour
  • Summer clothes are suitable to wear at any time of year. However, bring a sweater or jacket during the winter months
  • Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats for protection against the sun
  • Pay close attention during training to understand how to drive the quad bike, especially if you don’t have prior driving experience
  • Only guests above the age of 14 are allowed to drive and ride a quad bike alone
  • Tailored quad bike safari packages are available on request for large groups
  • Camel rides are not available during the summer

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The quad bike safari Dubai experience is your top choice when it comes to adventurous desert activities. Prepare to be thrilled by going on an exciting quad bike safari.

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