Top Reasons Why You Should Experience The Emirates Cruise

Traveling to the UAE with the Emirates cruise can be a memorable experience in your life. Dubai city is a cosmopolitan capital of ship cruises. Dubai receives a minimum of 500000 passenger’s cruises annually. 

Emirates is a world marvel. You will enjoy a glorious time right from the coastline to the beautiful desert cities. Tour the inland and marvel at the tropical island paradises. 

Emirates cruise takes you directly into a world full of luxury everywhere you go. The traditional Islamic culture mixed with modern lifestyle is something you will live to recall. The wonderful attraction and landmarks of Dubai remain at the top of the list as the most visited annually.

The full package of enjoyment and adventurous travel is unraveled by a wonderful cruise to the icon of UAE the Dubai city and Abu Dhabi. Read on to find out the reasons you need the emirates cruise experience without delay.

Emirates Cruise

Significance of The Emirates Cruise

Emirates cruise offers you a range of experiences in this marvelous Arab world. Below are some of the significant places you should explore.

The Magnificent Dubai City

Arriving at the stylish port Rashid in Dubai is an amazing scene. You will meet a glamorous life filled with luxury. The touch of everything seems classy. You are introduced to a region where gold color has been misused. Dubai is inevitably the most precious city of UAE. 

Dubai is a conglomeration of traditional and contemporary life. You will enjoy the luxurious life of both worlds. Visit the Burj Al Arab hotel for all your breakfast and dinner reservation. The hotel is ranked seven-star and you will enjoy an international buffet and a remarkable vision of Dubai city.

Make a reservation to explore the Dubai Burj Khalifa tower. The Burj Khalifa is currently the highest tower worldwide. It has a height of 828.9 meters. View this colorful city from the skies on the Burj Khalifa.

Watch the most beautiful sunset and sunrise. From the promenade sidewalks, you can view the sunset and rise above the dunes of this beautiful city. 

Dubai also offers various desert tours. These tours offer you a lot of activities. You can indulge in the dune-bashing, desert dinner camps, dune bashing, and sandboarding.

You can view Dubai from the skies using aboard the helicopter tour in Dubai. This tour offers you a synoptic view of Dubai’s city from the sky. You can view the all city including the desert dunes and the beautiful capped horizon. Make a reservation with the emirate’s cruise and have your life experience in Dubai.

The Magnificent Dubai City

The Emirates Capital Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi city gives you a mixture of history from very ancient to our current times. Enjoy this rich mixture of culture and tradition. The city has a lot of leisure activities you can do and various entertainments you will love. 

Emirates cruise enables you to enjoy playing golf and involve yourself in rally driving. Visit the world-class museums in Abu Dhabi and have a taste of the ancient UAE. These museums in Abu Dhabi have artifacts dating back to the early 17th century. The museums are also full of art galleries. 

Abu Dhabi’s points of interest include the Ferrari world in the city, the magnificent emirates palace, the Formula Rosa, the Corniche beach, and the amazing louver Abu Dhabi.

Enjoy an adventure at the biggest mosque worldwide. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque stands as an icon of the city and is full of Islamic culture. You will surely enjoy all your time in this city full of culture. 

The Emirates Capital Abu Dhabi

The Perfect Time for an Emirates Cruise

UAE receives visitors all year round. You will find tourists both during the winter doing outdoor activities. The outdoors activities are varied. They include desert tours, marine tours, and private helicopter rides.

People go to the UAE in summer to experience indoor activities such as shopping and the Dubai aquarium. The malls have to air-condition and you can never tell the temperatures rising. Enjoy peaceful summers in Dubai with few tourists.

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The emirates cruise is a perfect destination for your next vacation. There are still many more scenes and experiences you will unravel on the tour.

Other destinations to visit include Muscat capital of Oman and Siri Ban Yas Island. Check our Dubai Tourism Website for more tours.

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