Top 10 Dubai Mall Restaurants in 2021

Living in Downtown Dubai is most people’s dream come true. The iconic neighborhood has literally everything. Think of the excellent amenities, upscale communities, the iconic Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountain, and of course the stunning variety of Dubai Mall Restaurants.

The Mall features hundreds of eateries right from delicate cafés to fancy Italian restaurants and of course globally renowned fast-food chains. Below we dive into some of these epic restaurants. 

Top 10 Dubai Mall Restaurants

Cheesecake Factory 

Cheesecake Factory is located right in front of the Dubai Aquarium. The restaurant goes big with:

  • More than 250 menu items and 50 signature cheesecakes and desserts made from scratch daily, 
  • Starters and entrees including chicken Madeira, pasta, and burgers
  • 30 different options of cheesecakes
  • soups and salads

Cheesecake Factory in Dubai Mall

New Shanghai

Located on the ground floor is New Shanghai that mimics entering into a bustling street in Shanghai. It boldly features narrow seating lanes with long wooden tables in aisles. Here you can also spot oriental paintings adorning the walls. The restaurant’s comprehensive menu highlights:

  • Traditional Chinese cuisine in contemporary serving 
  • Good vibes for diners
  • An exquisite drinks menu 
  • Carefully prepared Crab and Chicken Xiao Long Bao
  • Sizzling Mongolian Beef

New Shanghai in dubai mall, dubai mall restaurants

P.F Chang’s

P.F. Chang’s is located on the ground floor and has the most flavourful combinations of ingredients. The restaurant’s more popular among foodies with its farm to plate philosophy. The Dubai Mall restaurant highlights: 

  • Perfectly cooked Salt and Pepper Calamari 
  • Wok-fired filet mignon

The flavors are always fresh just like the ingredients in the food.

P.F Chang’s in dubai mall

Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse is located on the lower ground floor of Dubai Mall. It takes you on a roller coaster ride of true American flavors. All dishes are tastefully prepared to exude a rich rustic Texan flavor. The restaurant highlights:

  • Hearty portions of delectable dishes
  • Hand-cut steaks
  • Juicy ribs
  • Freshly baked bread 
  • Steak combos off the menu
  • A kids menu

Texas Roadhouse in dubai mall, dubai mall restaurants


GIA is located on the ground floor of Dubai Mall. Welcomes to the bright and airy interiors. The restaurant’s accentuating pops of muted greys create a distinguished, sophisticated ambiance. Key cuisine highlights include: 

  • Authentic freshly prepared Italian homely dishes 
  • A blend of contemporary and classic Italian flavors
  • An all-day menu featuring soups, salads, pasta, and pizzas

GIA in dubai mall


Located on the ground floor is the traditional, authentic, and Turkish restaurant. Experience the culinary magic of Turkish cuisine right here. The restaurant sets the pace with:

  • Turkish delicious cuisine 
  • Artfully crafted breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. 
  • An ambiance that mimics the feel of a Turkey setting 

MADO in dubai mall, dubai mall restaurants

Social House

Located on the lower ground floor is Social House with a unique and exciting menu with flavors from around the world. The restaurant highlights: 

  • A perfect blend of  food that refreshes your palate
  • Spectacular views
  • A chic, urban interior bringing about a homely ambiance
  • A social House serving a diverse menu of both Eastern and Western varieties
  • Asian cuisine and desserts. 
  • An open kitchen and cozy seating

Social House in dubai mall

Katsuya By Starck

Located on the 2nd floor is the flamboyant Katsuya joining the list of Dubai Mall Restaurants. The restaurant offers:

  • A diverse menu with traditional Japanese cuisine
  • Fusion food and classic signature dishes to choose from. 
  • Sushi, sashimi, and wagyu dishes

Katsuya ambiance features a simple, delicate interior warm wood tones. The key highlights of the restaurant are its quick and efficient service.

Katsuya By Starck in dubai mall, dubai mall restaurants


Located on the second floor is the PepperMill restaurant. The restaurant highlight is unconventional anglo Indian dishes. The restaurant’s unique ambiance includes:

  • A colonial setting fitted with vintage telephones and miniature peppermills

PepperMill in dubai mall

Tribes Carnivore

Located on the second floor is the absolute haven for meat lovers. The restaurant’s menu offers an amazing fusion of exotic tribal African flavors blended with culinary influences from across the globe. It’s one of the Dubai Mall restaurants that bring you tastes from all corners of the world. 

Key highlights include: 

  • A bacon-wrapped chicken
  • Prime-cut beef steaks 
  • Tribal culinary essences including Arab, Dutch, French and African 

Tribes Carnivore in dubai mall,

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Dubai Mall holds extensive culinary possibilities. From fine dining to grab a quick burger or sundae, there’s always something for everyone when you’re at the mall.

Grab the opportunity and take your palate on an adventure at some of these exciting Dubai Mall Restaurants

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