Top Desert Excursion Dubai Activities in 2021

The Emirate of Dubai is located within the Arabian Desert providing endless desert territories for visitors to discover. With towering dunes and vast terrain, a desert excursion Dubai tour is the best way to explore the desert landscape and learn the history of the Bedouins. A desert safari offers both adventurous and cultural activities for a wholesome experience.

Desert Excursion Dubai Adventure Activities

Your desert excursion Dubai tour offers various thrilling activities. These include:

Dune Bashing

This classic adventure sport involves off-road driving. You will ride a 4×4 vehicle into the desert where the driver takes you through a sensational dune bashing session.

You can stop at the dune peaks for a photo session to capture the unforgettable moment.

Dune Bashing

Quad Biking

Another off-road adventure, a quad biking session is one full of thrills. At the desert camp, get a briefing session with instructions before you head out for the tour.

Once you depart, a professional guide leads you through the challenging desert trail. Have an exciting time as you climb up the dune peaks and race down the slopes.

quad biking dubai, desert excursion dubai

Dune Buggy Riding

A dune buggy is a 4×4 all-terrain vehicle. With 4 passenger seats, a dune buggy ride in the desert is guaranteed to give you and your companions an exciting experience.

An expert driver who knows the trail will take you on an exciting dune bashing adventure as you traverse the high dunes!

Dune Buggy Riding


The sun and sand set the best mood for a sandboarding experience. Use a specially made sandboard to ride the loose sand, and rush down from the dune peak to the bottom.

You can also take a moment to capture a perfect photo on top of the dunes.

Sandboarding, desert excursion dubai

Hot Air Balloon Safari

A hot air balloon is a unique way to see the desert landscape and wildlife. This desert excursion Dubai activity takes place early in the morning. The hot air balloon rises up to 4,000 feet in the air, giving you unmatched views of the desert sunrise.

During the tour, enjoy exotic sights of the dunes and spot desert wildlife including gazelles, camels, and Arabian Oryx.

Hot Air Balloon Safari

Camel Riding

The early nomadic Bedouins were using Camels for transport and to produce milk. Camel racing was originally a tradition among local Bedouins during celebrations such as weddings.

Camels are therefore important in Emirati culture. You can take a short camel ride around the desert camp and experience riding the majestic desert animal.

Camel Riding, desert excursion dubai


A symbol of strength and courage, the falcon is the national bird of the UAE. They used the Falconry for hunting tactic by the early Bedouin tribes.

The falconers breed and train the birds to hunt. Falconry is now an entertainment activity where visitors get to see the iconic bird hunt for prey.

Falconry dubai


Emirati entertainment includes live dance performances that are composed of belly dancing, fire shows, and tanoura dance shows. You get a front-row seat to watch these lively performances at the desert camp.

live dance, desert excursion dubai

Cultural Activities

The UAE is a melting pot of cultures and a desert excursion Dubai tour gives you the opportunity to experience Emirati traditions and customs. Below are the cultural activities you can try:

Try Traditional Emirati Clothing

Emirati traditional outfits are different for both men and women. Women wear Abayas; loose, flowy black dresses that reflect Islamic values. They also put on headscarves called shelas. Men wear the Kandura; long white clothing to reflect the sun’s rays.

This is worn with a white headscarf called ghutra. Dubai visitors can try out these costumes to immerse themselves in the culture. A photo to mark the moment is key.

Have a Taste of Emirati Cuisine

During the Dubai desert excursion, you will get to try local Emirati cuisine at the desert camp. These include:

  • Coffee and dates

Coffee and dates are used to welcome guests, as hospitality is a significant value in Emirati tradition. The coffee is blended and served in tiny cups along with dates.

  • Main Course

Local meals that you will try to include Harees and Machboos. Harees is a sumptuous dish made with meat and toppings of sautéed onions. Machboos is a rice dish made with meat or fish and infused with spices.

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When it comes to exploring the Arabian Desert, a desert excursion Dubai tour offers the best of both worlds.

From action-packed adventure sessions to enlightening cultural experiences, you will have it all.

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