The Average Conversion Rate for Travel Websites in 2021

According to Littledata, this company has made a survey for 201 travel stores globally, and the thing that it finds that the result of the average conversion rate for travel websites in May 2020 was 0.2%. 

Information to Know About Your Travel Store & The Conversion Rate for Travel Websites

What is The Best Conversion Rate for Travel?

They found that more than 1.2% is good so it will put you in the best 20% of travel stores. while more than 2.4% will be best therefore it will put you in the best 10% of the travel stores. As a result, we can benchmark these two cases for a conversion rate. 

So you have to ask yourself now if you are is better than the 1.2% converge rate or not. If not you have to improve your conversion. Besides, this rate may yield unavoidable losses. 

What is The Worst Conversion Rate?

If the conversion rate of the travel store is less than 0.0% this store will put itself in the worst 20% of the performing stores. 

Now you have to ask yourself a question if your store is worse than 0.0%. Would you be able to build the conversion rate with more alluring item displays, or improving the checkout cycle? In this case, the enhanced E-commerce will be able to help you by knowing the identity of the blockers’ life. 

Want to Know The Meaning of Conversion Rate? 

Divide the number of the total purchases by the total number of sessions. Most of the website visitors will take more than one session to choose to buy, yet this is the standard measure of conversion rate. 

Is your Travel Website can be Compared to The Known Conversion Rate Benchmark?

 If your conversion rate for travel websites has an average between 0.0% and 1.2% then this average can be compared with this benchmark. While if the conversion rate is less than 0.0% so you’re definitely underperforming the conversion rate benchmark. 

From Where Can We Get The Data? 

We make anonymized benchmark information from 201 stores (Websites about traveling) that use Littledata to enhance their online exhibition. You can see the normal site execution, or perceive how the benchmarking highlight functions.

The Source: Littledata

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