All you Need to Know About Sand Safari in Dubai 2021

Like a roller coaster ride, the Sand Safari takes you on an adventurous excursion across the expansive, golden Dubai Desert. 

What Is A Sand Safari?

A key highlight of Dubai is the sprawling expansive desert filled with rolling sand dunes that offers both locals and visitors fun, exciting moments. Today however, a sand safari is more than just a fun experience as the traditional activity also teaches us more about life of the locals who lived in the desert. 

This is coupled with other modern amenities, adventurous activities, an Arabic dinner & entertainment. This makes the sand safaris in Dubai one of the most iconic and sought after leisure activities in Dubai.

Today especially, Dubai sand safaris have grown in popularity in the region. They are available in multiple locations around Dubai highlighting a range of experiences and activities. Arabia Horizons offers a variety of the sand safaris to choose from to suit different preferences. 

What to Expect on a Sand Safari 

  • Most desert safaris in Dubai kick-off at your hotel. Alternatively, we could also pick you up at your residence and take you for the magical desert expedition. 
  • A desert camp with a host of experiences and activities ranging from sheesha, falconry, traditional dance shows, camel riding, buffet dinner sand boarding

Tips For Choosing The Ideal Dubai Sand Safari

Settling for the ideal sand safari can be overwhelming. See below a sand safari guide to help you make the right pick.

Some people may like the thrill and the adrenaline rush of quad biking through the dunes, whereas some may prefer a serene night skygazing in the cold desert of Dubai. Others  may be more of a morning person seeking the magic of the morning sunrise.

Still, some may want an experience of Arabian entertainment highlighting belly and tanoura dances. Whatever you prefer, a Sand  Safari experience customized to match your interests will go a long way in delivering the right experience.  

Time Of Day

Sand safaris in Dubai take place at varying times of the day. We offer morning safaris, aimed  towards adventure sports with activities including dune bashing, sand boarding and quad biking delivering the thrill that the desert can offer.

Evening safaris are coupled with fun adventures and services including buffet dinners, traditional entertainment shows, henna painting and better still a night under the stars.

Evening safaris in Dubai.jpeg

Adventure Levels

Not all desert safaris come with adrenaline-pumping activities. However, the ones that do happen to be the most sought after.

However, there’s still a calmer and more traditional side of a sand safari that allows you to relax in a desert camp watching the sun set over the dunes.

Even more interesting, try on traditional Arabic attire and get temporary henna painting, smoke some shisha and enjoy a delicious buffet dinner at the desert camp. 

henna painting in Dubai


Any successful trip is a result of proper planning and budgeting without overspending or crossing your budget. To make your sand trip successful, look out for our best desert safari deals . We offer great discounts on a range of desert-themed activities.

Combo Deals

Traveling to Dubai for the first time or have plans to experience more of the city and experience what Dubai has to offer? Our combo deals will allow you to experience more than just a sand safari. 

You could opt to go for a dinner cruise in a traditional dhow and tour At the Top Burj Khalifa. A perfect way to experience more than just a sand safari, then a combo will allow you to see and do more. Besides, you save money on individual experiences.

Dubai is a wonder world and what best defines the city quite as much as the rolling, glorious sand dunes. There’s a lot to experience for everyone in the sand safari from:

  • Sand dunes to desert camps

  • Authentic Arabian food

  • Camel rides

  • Quad biking and boarding

Combo Deals

A good reason you should find the best desert safari tour Dubai and experience the best of Dubai terrain!  Check out our collection of the Sand Safaris

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