Rescheduling Receiving The COVID ’19 Vaccine in Dubai “Pfizer”

The Dubai Health Authority announced, on Saturday,  rescheduling of the appointments for receiving COVID ’19 vaccine in Dubai “Pfizer” against the emerging coronavirus, in the second vaccination stage, stressing that the reason is due to “the manufacturer carrying out work expanding its vaccine production, which affected the current doses.” “.

Interests of the Dubai Health Authority

The Emirates Authority wrote, on Saturday, in a tweet on Twitter, “Dubai Health is working to reschedule the appointments for the first dose of the COVID ’19 vaccine in Dubai“ Pfizer-Biontec ”(for the second phase), given that the vaccine manufacturer undertook production expansion work, which affected the current doses. In a number of countries in the world. “

The authority confirmed that “all appointments for the customers of the second dose are fixed. And it advises the public to adhere to their appointments and come to the service centers at the time specified in advance.”

 Dubai Health Authority ,Covid '19 vaccine in Dubai.

The Role of The Ministry of Health

Last Thursday, the UAE Ministry of Health announced the registration of the Russian “Sputnik” vaccine against the Coronavirus for emergency use, days after the number of infections exceeded the barrier of 3 thousand cases of COVID-19, according to the Emirates News Agency, “WAM”.

The UAE agency said: “This decision comes after the results of studies showed that the vaccine is effective and resulted in a strong response and generating antibodies to the virus, safe to use and fully and completely compliant with regulations and laws.”

And the UAE Ministry of Health announced, on Saturday, that it had provided more than 87 thousand doses during the past 24 hours, thus bringing the total of the doses provided to date to 2,426,793 doses, and the rate of vaccine distribution is 24.54 doses per 100 people.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Health recorded, for the twelfth day in a row, high numbers of cases of COVID-19. Reaching 3566 cases. Bringing the total number to more than 274,000, while about 783 people died.

Covid '19 vaccine in Dubai

Cancellation and Suspension 

Due to the delay in Receiving the COVID ’19 vaccine in Dubai. Last Thursday, the Dubai government had directed to cancel unnecessary surgeries for a month. And live entertainment shows in hotels and restaurants until further notice, after the increase in cases of Coronavirus.

The Dubai Health Authority stated, in a statement published on its website, that the decision will take effect from (last) Thursday. And it can be extended to ensure that health facilities are prepared to deal with Corona cases.

In a related context, the Dubai Department of Tourism simultaneously issued a circular suspending entertainment activity in hotels and restaurants. After recording an increase in violations.

Cancellation and suspension

Belgian Factory

The American “Pfizer” group announced this month that it was unable. To provide the number of doses that it had committed. To deliver with the German “Biotech” laboratory, which angered European countries.

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Dubai Open Activities During COVID 19

According to the statement, the reason for the delay in receiving the COVID ’19 vaccine in Dubai. Is the occurrence of “amendments to production mechanisms” at the Belgian factory Bors. Which will allow for an increase in delivery capacities as of February 15.

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