Museum of The Future | The Definitive Guide for 2021

Welcome to a new era fete! Museum of the future is a centre of creativity and hope brought out in its magnificent shape. The Museum is a combination of exhibition elements, immersive theatre and a themed attraction. This invites you to look beyond the present to the future.

The Museum is without a doubt a revolutionary building that will not only explore the future of artificial intelligence but other innovative technologies as well in Dubai. 

It’s not only a tourist attraction, but the Museum of the Future also serves as a platform for:

  • Advanced courses
  • Specialised workshops
  • Science conferences
  • Prototype testing of the latest inventions and startups

The EYE, Museum of The Future 

The Museum of the Future Dubai resembles a lustrous silver oval with an open centre. This gives the structure an eye hovering over the city. Art and poetry are definitely evident aspects of the structural design of the Museum. 

Arabic calligraphy uniquely highlights quotes about the future from UAE’s Prime Minister-Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. At its launch, the prime minister stated that the museum will revolutionize the manner in which we share knowledge and information in the future. 

In the Prime Minister’s words, “The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and execute it. It isn’t something you await, but rather create.”

Time Machine

The Museum of the Future project’s motto was ‘See the Future, Create the Future’. This is further brought out in its innovation enhancement facilities and design studios aligned with a futuristic approach. 

The museum features: 

  • Exhibits of the future’s education system
  • Advanced healthcare
  • Smart cities
  • Super efficient and fast transportation
  • Government services

Among the outstanding devices associated with the project is a brain implant that can quite literally read thoughts. This means the elimination of multiple rounds of emails and other communications during meetings. Another fascinating technology is the micro-pill with the capability to extract nutrients required by your body and ejecting all other waste. We can use micro-pill technology to fight obesity.

The museum features: 

Innovation Incubation 

With the rise of artificial intelligence in the new decade, experts believe it will amplify human effectiveness. In fact, AI’s highly evolved features might well exceed:

  • Human intelligence
  • Learning capabilities
  • Complex decision making
  • Sophisticated analytics

The incubator at the Museum of the future is dedicated to having a place for innovative ideas, inventions and entrepreneurs of the future.

Innovation Incubation 


The Museum of the Future is located next to the Emirates Towers — a world-class business hotel in Dubai — on Sheikh Zayed Road. Due to the prime location, the Museum has excellent connectivity with metro and public buses.

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Museum of The Future Location 

Fun Facts About The Museum of The Future

  • This LEED-certified building is designed by Killa Designs 
  • Killa Designs drew inspiration for the museum’s exterior from the aviation industry
  • In its construction, it uses 890 stainless steel and fibreglass panels
  • The floors are the only horizontal surfaces in the building. According to the architects-  Killa Designs buildings with such a complex surface are more often than not rain screens. Further, an envelope is used in waterproofing, enhancing airtightness and lighting. 
  • The Museum of the Future proves its dedication to the future by acting as an incubator for innovation and a simulation of what the future would be like
  • The Museum is a place of tolerance. It invites varied cultural, philosophical, social and spiritual outlooks. It is also a place of learning, where you can explore the challenges and opportunities that shape our times, and seek solutions for a better future.
  • The Museum of the Future is located near the Emirates Towers near Sheikh Zayed Road, near Dubai’s main artery

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With humans always anxious about what the future holds, the new Museum of the Future draws us closer to all the potential the future holds for us. 

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