Miracle Garden in Dubai: A Spectacular Flower Garden

With over 150 million flowers, the spectacular garden, which opened on Valentine’s Day in 2013 for the first time, is aimed at giving life to scents and colors over 72,000 square meters. Miracle Garden in Dubai is one of a kind for such a unique display and extravagant outdoor recreational destination in the region and around the world

Dubai Miracle Garden launches new designs and ideas every year, and the impressive exhibit draws 1,5 million visitors worldwide in a crowd.

While its doors through for now be shut due to the coronavirus pandemic, you can still immerse yourself in all its beauty from the comfort of your home. Here are some of the best sculptures in Miracle Garden in Dubai.

Best Structures of the Miracle Garden in Dubai

Miracle Garden

Hears Passage

Dubai ‘s stunning garden is renowned for its stellar heart-shaped installation that the designers produced by gathering flowers from around the world. 

The team will explain: ‘The Hearts Passage at Dubai Miracle Garden is the most featured attraction. The hearts at the passage are not merely a form of hearts, but rather offer thousands of countless flowers graved all over them.

The appearance and scent of these flowers cause an everlasting encounter for Dubai Wonder Garden visitors. This is defiantly one of the best features of the Miracle Garden in Dubai.

Palm Tree

The Miracle Garden palm trees are actually absolutely breathtaking. The branches are lined with colorful blooms and fall down much like the real palm trees.

This magnificent tree is covered with multiple flowers which makes it look really beautiful and stunning. This is not any palm tree and is one of the more interesting structures in Miracle Garden in Dubai.

Houses Covered in Flowers

Such vibrant flower-houses look so good! Located in the segment of ‘Lost Paradise,’ tourists can find hundreds of floral houses and bungalows. These houses are decorated with various flowers and gives it a unique and special look.

This makes it one of the simplest yet impressive features of the park. Even though they might only be houses, they defiantly look special for a house.

Flower Plane

This is exactly what it sounds like, a plane covered with flowers. This Emirates Airbus A380 has been turned into one of the most popular attractions of the park.

Not many would have thought that anyone would think into turning an airplane into a flower plane.

Thousands of tourists who visit the park take pictures with this magnificent structure and is one of the most popular attractions in Miracle Garden in Dubai. 

Flower Peacocks 

These two giant peacocks were impressively made from hundreds of flowers which produced a breathtaking display. Peacocks are known for their beautiful feathers and are only owned by the richest of people.

This attraction sets up a beautiful scene which depicts the sheer beauty of the peacocks. It might not look as unique as the other attractions but it is defiantly a popular one among the visitors.

Where is Miracle Garden located

Where is Miracle Garden located

The Miracle Garden Dubai location is at Al Barsha 3. This park is defiantly worth a visit as it is a new and unique experience that is simple yet unforgettable.

The tickets for the Miracle Garden in Dubai are 40 Dirhams, which makes it one of the more affordable attractions in the city. Make sure to give this park a visit if you want to try a different experience with your friends and loved ones.

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“The Miracle Garden in Dubai is defiantly one of the most beautiful attractions in the city. Don’t miss out on this wonderful one of a time experience. To learn more about other tours and attractions in Dubai visit our Dubai Tourism Website.”

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