Explore Safaris That Include Dubai Desert Dinner

Each culture is defined by many factors. The way of clothing, eating, thinking, and how to deal with certain occasions and events. If you are a culture explorer tourist, then you must know that food is a big part of it. The Dubai desert dinner trip is one of the best ways to learn more about Dubai’s culture

The environment of the United Arab Emirates is mainly desert, and based on this, their traditional food is BBQ and grilled options. Dubai desert dinner trip is a great way to explore the desert and know more about Dubai’s culture. It is included in a variety of desert trips like night desert safari Dubai, Royal desert safari, and more. 

What is The Dubai Desert Dinner

Emirati traditional food is a powerful and important part of the Emirati culture. For generations, dates are one of the significant foods in the majestic culture which is founded in the hardest and difficult environments of the desert. 

The nutrition of dates is mind-blowing and has important health benefits that help to balance the blood sugar and more. 

The diet plan of the local Bedouins was simple and dependent on plants, and if found any protein source, it will be grilled firewood. Dubai desert dinner is usually served in a welcoming and overwhelming ceremony. 

BBQ dinner in a desert camp became super popular and requested from tourists to experience the traditional lifestyle of the locals. You can have different desert dining options, in a simple traditional Majlis or luxury desert resort with authentic views of the Arabian desert. 

We will give multiple options of safaris that include desert dinner under the sky in the charming desert of Dubai city.

What is The Dubai Desert Dinner

Top safaris with Dubai Desert Dinner 

Royal Desert Safari 

Royal desert safari is one option for an amazing luxury dining experience in the desert, and it is one of our luxury safari collections. The Royal safari is organized in the 5 stars Sahara resort with premium Dubai desert dinner

Private transfers will get you to pick up from your hotel in Dubai. He will drive to the desert to have some off-road dune bashing.

Have a thrilling 30-minute dune bashing in 4×4 Landcruiser followed by the authentic camp experience in Sahara resort. The luxury resort is designed as a traditional Bedouin mud house with red seating’s Majlis and fire lanterns all over the place. 

It gives you the feeling of traveling back in time to the nomadic tribes when they first settled in the Emirati desert.

Get a warm welcoming once you enter the camp with Arabic coffee, dry dates, snacks, and complimentary drinks. The resort has horse and camel stables, and you can enjoy some rides before the open buffet dessert dinner. Here are some major highlights of the entire experience of royal safari Dubai:

  • Hotel pick up and drop off in luxury land cruisers  
  • Welcome with scented towels and refreshments on board 
  • Dune bashing and desert drive.
  • Traditional welcome with dates and Arabic coffee. 
  • Lavish International 5 star buffet dinner.
  • Live Barbeque cooking station. 
  • Live Shawarma cooking station. 
  • Unlimited water and soft drinks. 
  • Camel rides and horse rides. 
  • Arabian Souq.
  • Live Entertainment (Arabian male singer, fire show, Tanura dance show, belly dance show).   
  • Emirati hair dance show.
  • Henna paint.

Royal Desert Safari 

Al Maha Desert Resort 

Al Maha Dubai resort which is located in Dubai desert conservation reserve aims to one goal which is capturing the imaginations of its guests. The lush oasis, Bedouin-style services, and views of the desert gazelles and Arabian oryx. 

The flawless experience of Al Maha safari includes Dubai desert dinner with extensive Arabic and international cuisines menu. The restaurant is designed as a Dewan terrace (traditional guesting area) with panoramic views of the surrounding sand dunes. 

Al Maha resort also offers a private dining experience where your table will be dug right into the dunes with fire torches around. We display Al Maha desert safari in our adventure collection and its include the following:

  • Get Hotel Transfers in Dubai city. 
  • Enjoy 30 minutes of thrilling Dune bashing. 
  • Enjoy Sandboarding.
  • Have Camel rides. 
  • Try out the traditional Arabic dress and henna painting. 
  • Enjoy delicious Barbeque dinner with vegetarian options available. 
  • Enjoy Soft drinks, mineral water, tea, and coffee.
  • Try out Arabic Shisha smoking with different flavors. 
  • Enjoy live Belly dance and Tanura dance show. 

Al Maha Desert Resort 

Night Desert Safari Dubai 

Night desert safari Dubai also called Evening Desert Safari is for those who want to reconnect Arabian adventure and outdoor activities with evening BBQ.  If you are looking for culture fusions and meaty grilled dinner, classic mezze, Hummus, and Kibbeh dishes served by the sunset and surrounded by campfires, then you should go for night safari for delicious Dubai desert dinner

You will get to do a lot of fun things besides the desert dining experience for sure, like:

  • Pick up from Dubai in a four-wheel vehicle around 2:30 PM. 
  • Enjoy 30-40 minutes of thrilling desert dune bashing in a land cruiser.
  • Enjoy watching the Sunset watch and take some epic photos.
  • Go for a visit to the camp, and enjoy great hospitality with Arabic coffee and dry fruits. Get unlimited mineral water, soft drinks, tea, coffee & sandwiches. 
  • An open Buffet & BBQ dinner featuring freshly grilled meat, traditional Emirati baked bread, traditional appetizers, desserts from a local kitchen & fresh fruits.   
  • Discover the camp visit station and explore a souvenir display stall, a henna tattoo corner, photos with Falcon, and a photo session wearing the traditional outfits of Dishdashas for men and Abayas for women.  
  • Enjoy folklore shows of belly dance, Tanura show, and drum session. 
  • Drop off back to your hotel or residence in Dubai in a Landcruiser. 

Night Desert Safari Dubai 

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There are amazing dining experiences hosted by the Dubai desert. The impressive Bedouin-style courtyard, mud houses, and red tents offer an escape from the crowded and busy daily life. 

You should have a relaxing trip and go for Dubai desert dinner in one of the desert resorts or conservation reserves. Enjoy live cooking stations in Royal desert safari which is set up in the Sahara desert resort or Al Maha resort in Dubai desert conservation reserve. 

Bab A Shams also provides a luxury dining dessert buffet that you might want to check out. If you want to take things to the next level of extreme desert sport and adventurous activities, check out Night desert safari Dubai

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