Experience The Best Water Activities at Burj Al Arab Beach

Burj Al Arab is one of the most renowned structures in Dubai. It’s famed for its unique design that resembles a ship’s sails. The hotel stands on a man-made island, making it a unique sight within the Persian Gulf. During your stay, you can spend some time at the Burj Al Arab beach, an ideal getaway for sun soakers that love their privacy and a calm environment.

Since Burj Al Arab beach is barely crowded, it allows visitors to bask in the warm summer sun and swim to your heart’s content. Watch the crashing waves in awe at the shores as you relax on your sunbed or get adventurous by trying some of the water sports available.

Water Sports at Burj Al Arab Beach

Various water sports guests can indulge in at the beach include:

Water Sports at Burj Al Arab Beach

Banana Boat ride

This is a fun ride on an inflated banana boat, which is tethered to a motorboat that pulls it through the water. The boat can carry up to four riders at a time, making it a fun group activity.

You get to dictate the speed and can therefore opt to have it fast for a thrilling experience. If you are traveling with children, opt for a slow pace.


In kneeboarding, the rider uses a convex-shaped board ride through the waves. The rider holds on to a towed rope attached to a motorboat. It is a thrilling water sport that you can experience at the Burj Al Arab beach.

Water skiing

With water skiing, get to ride on a finless ski being pulled by a boat. It is a fun sport riding through the warm waters of the Persian Gulf.


Windsurfing combines surfing and sailing. You will ride on a sailboard, which moves depending on the wind conditions. It is an all-round sport that anyone can partake in, including children above five years. 


Enjoy the warm and soothing waters of the Burj Al Arab beach by going diving. It is an ideal activity for you to cool down from Dubai’s desert weather.


You can also enjoy kayaking at Burj Al Arab beach, where you use a Kayak to move through the water. It contains a closed cockpit where you sit with your legs extended outwards.

Then use a two-blade paddle to wade through the water. It is a calming and fun activity to enjoy on a sunny day.

Scuba diving courses

Learn scuba diving and get to explore the marine species around Burj Al Arab beach.

Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools

If you simply want to relax, try taking a swim in the indoor swimming pools at Burj Al Arab as you enjoy the magnificent views.

Get yacht cruises

yacht cruises

Luxury yacht cruises

Get to experience the beauty of Dubai from the water with a luxurious yacht cruise. During the tour, get to see the Palm Jumeirah islands, Atlantis Palm hotel, and Burj Al Arab.

Yacht charter

Book a yacht and go on an exciting cruise around the stunning waters of the Persian Gulf. Here you’ll see various sights from the water including the Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach, and Burj Al Arab.

Visit Wild Wadi Waterpark

The Wild Wadi waterpark is located outside of Burj Al Arab. Guests to Burj Al Arab beach are allowed complimentary access to the waterpark, where they can enjoy various thrilling rides including:

Visit Wild Wadi Waterpark

  • Jumeirah sceirah – This is a free-fall water slide rising up to 33 meters with exhilarating speeds of up to 80 km/h.
  • Flow ride, wipe out and riptide – These are surf simulators that shoot up water. They provide real wave effects  that riders can use for surfing and knee boarding
  • Juha’s journey- This is a long river where you can float gently and enjoy the feel of the water.
  • Juha’s dhow and lagoon- This is a play area where children can play water games and embark on fun rides.

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The Burj Al Arab beach has a lot to offer to all guests that wish to enjoy the sights as well as immerse themselves in a fun activity.

You can never get bored here! And most importantly, don’t miss out on the numerous water sports in Dubai or visit the Wild Wadi waterpark for a day filled with thrilling rides.

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