Dubai Marina Boat Tour | Explore The Wonderful of Dubai Marina

Get ready to visit the coolest spots in Dubai and take photographs of the beautiful views on a boat sightseeing tour. The Dubai Marina Boat Tour takes you on an exciting journey exploring the city in the comfort of a boat. 

Depending on what suits your travel preference, choose from various boat tours. These range from cruises showcasing:

  • Dubai Marina
  • The Palm Lagoon’s picturesque skyline
  • The city’s modern architecture magically lights up the night sky
  • Exclusive waterfront developments in Dubai
  • Stunning sights of Dubai’s hotspots
  • Take some cool photography shots

Types of Dubai Marina Boat Tour

Speedboat Tour 

Take off from the famous Dubai Marina and embark on the exciting sightseeing tour in the company of an English-speaking guide. Capture stunning photos and enjoy the thrill of the speedboat.

The boat tour is best suited for families, couples, and groups. Go past all the top attractions from the waters with a fun and affordable boat tour. The speedboat tour makes for a must-do activity during your visit to Dubai.


  • An exciting sightseeing tour around Dubai with a guide 
  • Tour the city in comfort and safety on the boat 
  • Catch captivating views of the coastal landmarks of Dubai and take as many photos as you wish when zipping past major landmarks like the Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina, the Palm Jumeirah, and many more amazing sights

The Experience

Enjoy the serene and peaceful Dubai Marina prior to boarding and embarking on an exciting and memorable ride around the city. You are given a quick safety briefing before hopping on board and buckling up for the adventure. 

Go on a red carpet experience to greet the host at the office’s Marina. Then check-in and our guide will take you through a safety briefing. It’s advisable to arrive at least 15 minutes earlier. On the tour, you will be taken from:

Dubai Marina through Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab before making your way back.

Take several stops at some well-known hotels and mini-islands during the trip

Take the opportunity to take some photos of the memorable experience. Join us for some adrenaline rush on the open sea! 

dubai marina Speedboat Tour 

Yellow Boat Tour 

Cruise through the breathtaking canals crisscrossing the Dubai Marina district. The Yellow Boat Tour is also an opportunity to experience some of the city’s greatest engineering marvels. Indulge in the vibrant Dubai culture and enjoy the amazing sights from your journey on your Dubai Marina Boat Tour. 


  • Cruise past the city’s famous Twisted and the Princess Towers
  • Catch the golden Dubai skyline as the sun sets on the horizon
  • Witness some of Dubai’s mega landmarks on the guided cruise

Why You Shouldn’t Miss The Yellow Boat Tour

  • Nobody wants to miss a cruise that takes you on an adventure through some of Dubai’s most iconic sights. 
  • The Dubai Marina-An artificial canal district is inspired by the Concord Pacific Place in Canada. 
  • The waterfront was created using the Persian Gulf waters. 
  • The Jumeirah Beach Residence-A 2 square kilometer settlement in the Dubai Marina is among the attractions on this cruise. The residence area is the largest single-phase residential area on the planet housing up to 15,000 people in its mammoth apartments and hotels. 
  • The Twisted Tower Dubai is designed and developed by the architectural group behind Burj Khalifa’s construction. The skyscraper’s key highlight is the mind-boggling 90-degree twist.

Dubai is home to some of the most intriguing architectural feats of our civilization. The yellow boat tour is a perfect way to explore and witness these engineering masterpieces.

The Experience

The sightseeing cruise begins at sundown. Catch Dubai’s most renowned buildings in the Dubai Marina area on the twilight. Enjoy Marina’s life in all its glory along with the lights. Immerse yourself in the wild urban lifestyle, and Dubai’s ambitious projects in the Marina along with its activities. 

Experience the Twisted Tower in amazement in all of its fascinating structural splendor. 

Spot The Princess Tower-One of Marina’s massive towers designated as a ‘residential-only’ building.

Other fabulous skyscrapers to witness on the tour include:

  • The Address Hotel

  • Al Fattan Towers

  • Jumeirah Beach Residence 

The Yellow Boat Tour is definitely a delightful experience you don’t want to miss on your vacation to Dubai. 

Yellow Boat Tour 

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Dubai is an exemplary city showcasing what a modern civilization with minimal to no constraints can become. The Dubai Marina Boat Tour takes you on an adventure on the man-made canals along the Persian Gulf shore.

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