What to Know About Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR) is among the largest land protected nature reserves by the UAE government. The conservation reserve covers up to 225 square kilometers. This is approximately 5 percent of the total land in Dubai. To shield the flora and fauna naturally growing in the area the reserve is well fenced off.

Since the conservation’s inception in 2004, the reserve is now home to more than:

  • 50 plant species
  • 120 birds
  • 43 mammals and reptiles

Fun Facts Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve 

  1. The reserve prides itself as a member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. This comes after receiving international recognition for the reserve’s effort in protecting the habitat and natural wildlife in Dubai.
  2. Visitors are allowed to explore this magical landscape and experience the region’s diverse culture, nature, and history at the luxury Al Maha Desert Resort
  3. While here, explore exciting journeys and desert adventures on the reserve, a special zone specially designed to prevent interference with the habitat. 

Fun Facts Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve 

Fun activities here include:

  1. Treks
  2. Barbecues 
  3. Safaris
  4. Falconry
  5. Horse and camel riding
  6. Camping
  7. Sandboarding
  8. Dining
  9. A retreat at the luxurious Al Maha-A Luxury Collection Desert Resort and Spa 

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is sure not to be missed on any visit to Dubai. It’s the only place truly appreciating the emirate’s natural and cultural heritage.

What to Know About Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve 

The Dubai desert conservation reserve (DDCR) was established by the Dubai Government, Emirates to protect the critical desert habitat and the endangered species. The DDCR is also the first conservation land officially protected in the UAE. In fact, it has a constitution and environmental law protecting its status as a nature reserve.

The desert here is considered one of the driest areas in the world. With its own set of flora and fauna constantly facing catastrophes from climate change and excessive human intervention the DDCR plays a huge role in preventing the depletion of resources and maintaining flora and fauna

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve occupies a massive 225 square kilometers including a world-class conservation‑based luxury resort. That’s equivalent to about 5% of Dubai’s total land area. In addition to protecting the endangered large mammal species including the Arabian oryx, the DDCR is a key contributor to both local, international scientific research and conservation efforts.

What to Know About Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve 

All visitor revenue (100%) from the DDCR is directed towards conservation and wildlife care. 

The DDCR is the UAE’s first national park conducting a detailed study on conservation and sustainability of exotic plant and animal species.

The UAE has sponsored a committed conservation team of ecologists and wildlife specialists to oversee the reserve

The park offers various types of activities to cater to all travelers’ needs with varying interests. Thrill-seekers can experience sandboarding, dabble in archery or go dune bashing on a luxury four-wheel drive. For a more relaxed experience soak up the spirit of the desert on the low cushions in the Beduin tents relishing a delectable Dinner. With Valentine’s day around the corner, you could arrange for a more intimate Private Desert Dinner. 

The price for the tour and activities to partake in depends on the length of the experience. We encourage you to make your booking online in advance to avoid last-minute inconveniences

The reserve is divided into different zones including:

  •  The resort dedicated to guests 
  • A zone dedicated to a small number of desert tour operators

What to Know Before You Go

  • There are no entertainment activities and alcohol served during Eid.
  • Infants below the age of 2 years are prohibited.
  • People aged above 70 years are not allowed into the reserve.
  • A fee applies to children above 3 years.
  • Henna painting is available 
  • Camel rides are short to avoid overburdening the animals
  • Pregnant women are not allowed the experience 

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If you have not yet put this “unforgettable,” “fantastic” and “unique”  experience on your bucket list, it’s a must-not-miss experience for Dubai travelers. The staff here strives to make you comfortable and welcome during your stay. 

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