Top 4 Restaurants in Dubai 2021

Food is usually a part of a nation’s culture. It tells you a lot about them and their lifestyle. One traveler can simply cross countries to try out new food and restaurants. However, if this is not the purpose of traveling, restaurants still form an important element for defining a destination as “touristic” or not. What’s special about restaurants in Dubai is that you can find all types and categories.

We always want to introduce Dubai in the best way and make your experience comfortable and enjoyable as possible. So, here is your guide to the best restaurants in Dubai:

Best Restaurants in Dubai 

Amazonico Restaurant

Best Restaurants in Dubai 

This restaurant the city is already obsessed with, and it is one of the iconic restaurants in Dubai from our opinion. Let’s talk about interior design first before food.

They take the restaurant’s name from “Amazon forests” which is located in Latin America, Brazil. According to this, the whole place interior and exterior inspired by rainforests of Amazon.

The luxury restaurant has floral printed seating with a charming dim light that makes you feel relaxed and gives you a romantic atmosphere. The place is full of greenery more than you can imagine with many shades of greens that give that illusion of seating in a jungle.

Now, let’s talk about food. The restaurant is very delicate, and for those who taste instead of just eats. The menu is Latina/Brazilian with grilled meat and steak options.

Since the place is dragged out from Brazilian tropical forests, you find tropical fruits cooked with your main dishes like roasted pineapple which gives a unique taste. They are serving Japanese fusion cuisines as well for sushi lovers.

Bahar Persian Restaurant

Bahar Persian Restaurant

Bahar Persian is one of Dubai’s marina restaurants. If you want to try out something new, here is a Persian restaurant, known for its Persian spices and veggies.

We highly recommend ordering lamb or chicken with Safran rice. It is one of their best cuisines. They are also known for their high quality and super delicious tea that you have with your favorite dessert.

The staff is professional, kind, and friendly, and the place has a spectacular view. So, if you are searching for restaurants to have your breakfast in or lunch after an exhausting day, Bahar Persian is a perfect option.

The place is not over decorated. It has a very simple design yet glamorous. The place has warm and cool color schemes of off-white and hint of blue on the chairs.

The lightning is strong, the kind that keeps you awake, and the most significant feature of them all is the view.

Andiamo Restaurant

Andiamo Restaurant

Among all restaurants in Dubai, Italians are our favorite.  Who doesn’t like pizza, kinds of pasta and spaghettis anyway! Andiamo is an Italian restaurant known for making the best and tastiest Italian pizza beside pizza hut Dubai.

It is located in Grand Hyatt Dubai. Half of the place is open-air with very fresh and glow design, counting on natural elements like wood and plants all over.

The casual restaurant could be perfect for fun birthday parties for being spacious and having a fun atmosphere. The comfortable seats, Italian cozy buffets and strong lightning helps you to have large parties in.

Nusret Dubai

Nusret Dubai

Nusret Dubai is one of Dubai’s marina restaurants. It is a Turkish place famous for its steak and became one of the most popular restaurants in Dubai for serving high quality and extremely delicious steak and many options for meat lovers.

Nusret Dubai is owned by the Turkish chef Nusret. he becomes one of the social media celebrities after posting pictures of him adding salt and spices in his own fun way on the steak.

Nusret has 15 branches located in the capital cities of the world like New York, Miami, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, and more.

We are not even going to discuss the restaurant’s menu and interior design, because nothing actually matters as their high-class burger and steaks.

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Eating in one of these restaurants in Dubai will be amazing, especially after a long day in Dubai. If you have just finished your morning safari or a long tour in Burj Khalifa, it’s nice to head to one of these stunning places for food and relaxation.  

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