Covid’19 Vaccination Increasing Tourist Attraction of The UAE

Due to the covid’19 Vaccination Hotels and travel agencies have confirmed that the efforts made by the health authorities in the UAE. Related to providing a vaccine for the Coronavirus to all residents. Will positively affect the performance of various economic sectors, especially the tourism and travel sector, whose attractiveness will increase.

The Role of the tourism Department 

Hotels and Travel Agencies stated to the «Emirates Today» that tourists around the world. Will look forward to visiting the destinations. That provides the most vaccine «Corona» for their residents.

That’s why the UAE will be at the forefront of the countries that will be visited, and the most prominent destination for them. Pointing out that the speed of completion of the vaccination operations. For a large segment of the population will be enhanced. From the confidence of international tourists and heading to the UAE, whether for leisure or business tourism.

The Country’s Great Effort

Hutchinson, President and CEO of “Rotana Hotel Management”, said, “The UAE government is making tremendous efforts around the day. To preserve the health and safety of all who reside on the state’s land,” pointing to the speedy provision of the Covid’19 Vaccination ».

Hutchinson added that «This matter proves the UAE’s global standing and its pioneering excellence in the field of public health. And gives tourists peace of mind during their visit to the country and its tourist attractions,” stressing that this reassurance will reflect positively on the performance of the tourism and hospitality sectors alike, and will increase occupancy rates. In hotels in the state.

The Role of the tourism Department 

Safety environment

While in turn, the director of the Dukes The Palm Hotel, Tariq Madanat, said, “The UAE has demonstrated its clear vision through the early adoption of the Covid’19 Vaccination. And the success in the logistical preparations in the process of distributing it free of charge to all citizens and residents. So that the country ranks advanced in the list of countries with the most vaccines against (Corona) to its residents ».

Also, Madanat added that “the restrictions we’re taking helped in restoring the movement of tourists. Open beaches, recreational activities, parks, and public places to all the public from home and abroad. And secure a safe and healthy environment. All of which gave a strong start to the hotel sector, which reflected positively on the occupancy rates, at a time when we are heading today at a steady pace. Towards a full recovery ».


Safety environment, Covid'19 vaccination

Tourists trust

In the same context, the CEO of “Time Hotels Group”, Muhammad Awadallah, said that “the efforts made by the health authorities in the UAE regarding providing (Corona) vaccines for all residents will positively affect the economic performance on more than one level, especially the tourism sector. Travel, which plays a major role in economic output ».

Awadallah added that “the speedy completion of the vaccination operations for a large segment of the population in the country will enhance its position in light of the current circumstances. And increase the confidence of international tourists around the world to visit the country, whether it is for recreational or business tourism.”  Pointing out that health authorities continued, Since the start of the pandemic. It has provided travel protocols with preventive and precautionary measures in all stages. From the moment the visitors arrived in the country.

Additionally, he indicated that the business sector and companies. Operating in the local market in general view very positively the efforts made by the state in the context of containing the pandemic. Indicating that this will revitalize the various business sectors during the coming period.

An outstanding destination

For his part, Director General of the “Belhasa Tourism Company”. Narrows Sarkis, said that “providing the Covid’19 vaccination to the largest part of the country’s population. And continuing at the same pace during the coming period will have a significant impact on the tourism and travel sector”, stressing that the UAE will be at the forefront. The countries that will be visited by visitors and the most prominent destination to them.

Sarkis expected that the rate of tourism flow to the country will increase in greater proportions as of next April. In addition to a greater improvement after the month of Ramadan. Pointing out that business tourism will in turn revive in parallel with entertainment tourism.

He believed that travel restrictions will, in turn, be reduced. And there will be safe standards for the safety of residents and visitors alike.

An outstanding destination, Covid'19 Vaccination

Optimistic expectations

Not last but least, Medhat Barsoum, General Manager of the Dubai Capital Hotel, said. “Visitors and tourists around the world, who are looking to spend vacations. Will search in these circumstances related to the (Covid’19) pandemic, for destinations. That provides them with the highest standards of safety and security”. pointing out that The country has come a long way in its way to achieve significant Covid’19 Vaccination rates among the country’s population.

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Barsoum expects, in large measure. That “this will positively affect the performance of the tourism sector. And the rate of visitor flow coming to the country during the coming period.”


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