Best Time to Visit Dubai in 2021

With the magnificent city, Dubai sitting right in the middle of the desert, you can already bet it has one season-The hot and dry season.

Sometimes, however, it is really hot and the heat never dissipates, and this makes it a perfect location for those people who seek to top up on their vitamin D as well as basking in the sun’s warming rays.

Dubai makes for a perfect getaway plan for the folks running from the cold winter of Europe. Despite the hot temperatures, there is the best time to visit Dubai.

November Through March 

The season is particularly graced by bright blue skies. It is a period one might consider to be one of the best times to visit Dubai and the perfect beach-going weather. Better still visit The Miracle Garden for the most magical floral attractions. You can also visit Dubai to see The best Dubai tourist attractions

The temperatures are still pretty high during these months but somewhat bearable than the fierce weather extending from April to October. The summer period is popular for fewer crowds but careful the heat can get truly intolerable and the humidity so chooses your vacation window wisely. 

That said, all Dubai mall restaurants and hotels are thoroughly air-conditioned. That makes touring Dubai’s indoor attractions ideal at any time of the year.

Festivals and Events 

Dubai is a gleaming oasis in the middle of the desert and one of the world’s most luxurious holiday destinations. The city’s appeal is not just limited to fancy hotels and the limitless sunshine. 

Throughout the year, Dubai hosts a range of festivals from everything religion to retail. Anytime you visit the city, you will be able to partake in some of these extravagant events.

Dubai Desert Classic 

Dubai Desert Classic 

How about teeing off at the world-famous Emirates Golf Club? The cool golf championship draws in some of the top players around the world. Expect some intense ball-hitting and club-swinging in action.

The Dubai Desert Classic is sponsored by Omega, and the winners of the tournament are rewarded with some generous cash prizes. In 2016, the tournament’s winner walked away with a staggering 400,000 euros. 

Dubai International Jazz Festival 

Dubai International Jazz Festival 

The Dubai International Jazz festival is based in Dubai’s Media City. It is one of the biggest music events in the Middle East drawing in the creme de la creme of the artists from all over the world performing.

The event has seen amazing line-ups in the past from the likes of Sting, John Legend, and James Blunt, and each year you can expect even bigger names and crowds. This season is among the best time to visit Dubai 

Dubai food Festival 

Dubai food Festival

Nothing beats a good meal! And Dubai Festival is devoted to food! Some of the many events at Taste Dubai include the cooking challenge. Guests can sign up to cook alongside a celebrity chef and the best creation wins a prize. 

There are also loads of cookery shows presenting plenty of opportunities to buy and surprise your taste buds with all kinds of gastronomic treats. Live music is also available on the big open-air stage.  

Best Time To Visit Dubai – Eid Ul Fitr in Dubai 

Best Time To Visit Dubai - Eid Ul Fitr in Dubai 

Eid Ul Fitr is also called the Festival of Breaking the Fast – is an Islamic ceremony and a celebration of the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

The ceremony involves fasting from dawn to sunset. Live music, singing, dancing, smoking and even chewing gum are all strictly not allowed during this period. However, at dusk, banquets are set up under Iftar (“Iftar” is the meal served at the end of the day to break the day’s fast) tents and people eat and the celebration goes on till late.

At the end of the celebration, people celebrate with lavish Arabian feasts and endless festivities. This season is one of the best times to visit Dubai. 

Dubai International Festival Film

Dubai International Festival Film

The Dubai International Film Festival was born in 2004. Its objective is to promote cinema from the Arabic world. The festival offers fresh talent a platform to showcase their work. This encompasses both feature films, documentaries amongst other genres. 

The attendees of the festival enjoy varying films giving everyone something to look forward to. Filmmakers and actors also have a range of competitions where one can win hefty cash prizes.

Dubai Shopping Festival 

Dubai Shopping Festival - best time to visit Dubai

The festival is a monthly’s long event that takes place in January. The retail fest is unlike any other and price tags plummet as millions of shoppers flock from every corner of the globe for the best bargain. 

Complimenting the shopping frenzy is live concerts, raffle draws for cash and cars, fireworks, and flash mobs. In fact, if you are lucky you might witness a Guinness world record being set.

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Dubai Food Festival   

Dubai Shopping Festival

Simply put, if you are visiting Dubai and looking for the perfect combination of fewer crowds and pleasant weather, the best time to visit Dubai is between mid-November and early December. This is followed by the first half of March. 

A lot of visitors are more likely to visit throughout the winter months from December through February-High peak season. During January and early February, you are likely to encounter very long lines and thick crowds are often thick, partly due to the Dubai Shopping Festival. 

The most unsuitable sightseeing time falls in the summer-July/August. During this period the entire city practically goes into hibernation to avoid the unbearable heatwave. At this time, the temperatures are way too high to spend more than a few minutes outdoors.

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