Arabian Adventures Desert Safari

A visit to Dubai is incomplete without an Arabian adventures desert Safari. An escape from the hustle and bustle of Dubai for a drive across the desert on the outskirts is quite an exciting activity. Before you leave the city center, you will stop for several photo opportunities of the futuristic skyline and contrasting expanse of the desert sand.

What To Expect 

  •  Go dune bashing on the rolling Sand dunes in a 4WD, going from speed to speed in a thrilling, exciting fashion.
  • Following dune bashing, which is the most exciting highlight of the adventure, the camel ride (the ship of the desert) is the ultimate crown of the experience.
  • The other captivating highlight of the Dubai desert safari is the sunset viewpoint. Experience the magical sunset across the golden terrain of the Arabian desert.
  • After taking in all the lovely splendor of nature,  the camp will be awaiting with some amazing Arabian delicacies. Here you’re welcomed with Arabic coffee and fresh dates. Be sure to try an authentic shisha pipe or enjoy complimentary soft drinks at the bar (alcohol is available for purchase). Another highlight you want to try is the barbecue menu. It’s particularly mouthwatering and is custom prepared specially for you. 
  • Finally, belly dancers will grace your evening with their exceptional dance. As a bonus, ladies get to experience Heena painting by talented artists 

Types of Arabian Desert Safari Tour

Morning Desert Safari 

Head into the desert on a thrilling morning dune drive and experience all the wonder of the desert nature. 

Your 4-wheel drive Suv will take you on the exciting off-road tour on the rolling dunes. Get your adrenaline pumping dune bashing on the sandy slopes.

Stop on the way for a brief photo session with the rolling dunes as the backdrop. Later, head over to the desert camp for more activities including an exciting camel ride.

Finally, at the desert camp, you will have a relaxing breakfast. A perfect way to start your day. The tour ends with a drop off back to Dubai.

Morning Desert Safari 


Dubai Camel Safari

Head out in a 4WD to meet the convoy for a one hour or 30-minute camel ride.  Enjoy the desert views and learn more about this desert mammal. It was used by nomadic Bedouins as a means of transport.

The next stop is a Bedouin-style camp with an authentic Arabic feel with treats and entertainment. 

Morning Desert Safari 

Evening Desert Safari 

The safari typically begins around 3:00 pm on a journey to the desert. Dune bash in your 4X4 Suv and later proceed to the Bedouin camp where you’re served with coffee, dates, and entertainment.

Evening Desert Safari 

Quad Bike Desert Safari

Go for an exciting dune bashing and off-road drive session in your quad bike. It’s an opportunity to quench your need for speed and adventure at the same time. 

You are given a short briefing about the rules of off-road driving by an instructor and issued your safety gear ready to take control of your fully automatic quad bike on the rough terrain. 

Quad Bike Desert Safari

Sunset Desert Safari 

Ride up and down the huge sand dunes outside Dubai as the sun sets on the exciting sunset desert safari. Buckle up in your 4×4 vehicle during dune-bashing then head for the desert camp for live entertainment, dinner, and drinks. This is a must-do in Dubai especially in the evening when temperatures are more comfortable.

Sunset Desert Safari 

What to Know About Arabian Adventures Desert Safari

  • Pregnant ladies are not allowed to go dune bashing, However, they’re allowed to go directly to the desert camp without dune bashing
  • Choose your own dress code
  • Infants are not allowed to go dune bashing, It’s allowed to skip and go directly to the camp.
  • It’s advisable to take care of your belongings during the adventure.

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An Arabian adventures desert safari gives guests an opportunity to feel and experience the glory of the Arabian culture. Explore our range of Dubai Desert Safari perfect for an indulgent holiday experience with your family and friends.

Regardless of your age, You will find tour packages that are not limited to sightseeing attractions. There’s something for everyone including learning about desert life and the culture. 

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