An Adventure at Deira Dubai | The Best Experience in 2021

Deira Dubai (Dare-Uh) is a charismatic neighborhood away from busy Dubai. As an upcoming region in Dubai, rapid changes and industrialization are fast transforming the previously dusty and chaotic neighborhood into a paradise. Here’s a list of Deira’s most epic highlights. 

The Most Epic Highlights of Deira Dubai 

Gold Souk 

Gold is an everlasting investment, and the Gold souk in Deira Dubai is worth a trip even if you don’t plan on buying gold. It boasts an incredibly extensive variety of Jewellery featuring designs from all corners of the globe. Popular Jewellery shops at Deira Gold Souk include:

  • Malabar Gold and Diamonds 
  • Baffle Jewellery and  Joyalukkas

NB: All products sold at the stores in the Gold Souk are regulated by the government of UAE. This guarantees the authenticity and purity of gold. 

Things to Know About the Gold Souk 

  • Check gold prices online before going to the gold souk. Gold price in Dubai follows the international market standard and the rates can fluctuate every day. Take advantage of when gold prices are lower to get a good deal
  • While the gold rate is fixed, the charges are negotiable. Mind you, there’s a huge room for what Jewellers quote and the amount they are willing to accept. This is one of the reasons why Gold in Deira is way cheaper than the rest of the city
  • The gold is sold as per karat and weight. The higher the Karat, the higher you will pay. A higher Karat indicates a high gold quality. Pure gold is 24 Karat and the most expensive. 
  • Pure gold is soft and it’s mixed with different metals to give it the desired finish
  • Take your time browsing through the various shops before making a choice. The majority of retailers charge extra because of their prime location 
  • The gold souk opens between 10:00 AM to 10 PM. However, on Fridays, the souk opens at 4 PM. 
  • Evenings are more crowded than mornings
  • The gold souk is located in Al Ras Deira next to the Dubai fish and vegetable market

How to Get to the Gold Souk 

  • Consider public transport such as Dubai Metro, RTA buses, or taxis. This is because parking can always be difficult to find
  • If visiting the Gold Souk via Dubai Metro, Al Ras station is 10 minutes walk from the Gold Souk. Source

Gold Souk 

Spice Souk 

The spice souk is famous for its high quality and variety of herbs. spices and flavors. Besides the unique blend of smells and aromas, visitors can find other unique items including:

  • Unique Arabian rugs and lanterns
  • Dried nuts 
  • Traditional UAE attire
  • Essential oils and incense sticks
  • Marble goods
  • Flavored smoke-tobacco pipes
  • Hookah/Shisha
  • Exotic teas & sweets
  • Dried flowers

Why Visit the Spice Souk  

  • The vibrant gem can be quickly located with the help of pungent fragrances
  • The market has been in existence for over 50yrs and a perfect representation of the Arabic culture and heritage
  • The souk features a myriad of flavors and recipes famous among tourists, natives, and traders from around the world

Tips For Visiting the Spice Souk 

  • Take a taxi or metro ride as the parking fee can be quite expensive
  • Travel light to fully explored and feel the herbs and spices
  • Compare prices of the same spices and aromatic plants from different shops for the best price
  • Bargain for effective and smart buying 
  • Avoid buying pre-packaged items and instead, buy directly from the enormous bags and packets


The spice souk is adjacent to the gold souk. Alight at the Al Ras Metro station and board a small boat ride to get to this place. 

Spice Souk in dubai

Women’s Museum 

Bait al Banat is a cultural initiative that explores and reveres the lives of significant women and the roles they played in the Arab and Gulf region. One section is dedicated to masterpieces by Emirati Female artists. Another section boasts an extensive archive of research documents, books any intellectual mind would appreciate. 

Women’s Museum in dubai

Heritage House 

Constructed in 1890, the Heritage House offers you a rare opportunity to get an insight into the residence of a wealthy pearl merchant. Guests can explore the majestic quarters including the kitchen, the majlis (a meeting room), and a traditional pantry. 

Deira City Center Shopping Mall 

The Mall uniquely merges high-end premium brands with more affordable ones. It’s best suited for purchasing cool mementos on your visit to Dubai. Movie junkies can sit back and enjoy a good movie in the comfort of the theatre. Gastronomy lovers can indulge in impressive cuisines at high-end restaurants and cafes.

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Despite the glaring stark contrast to the glitz and glamour of modern Dubai, Deira still attracts a dozen tourists visiting Dubai. From exquisite Jewellers to a galaxy of flavors to a contemporary shopping mall there

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