Al Quadra Heart Shape Lake | The Love Lakes of Dubai

Dubai is renowned for its ultra-luxe, world-class attractions, and the list is ever-growing. If you are looking for simplicity in the city if it’s something simpler you are seeking, why not try out Dubai’s Al Quadra heart shape lakeLove Lakes’. A stunning attraction in the desert.

The lake is located in Al Qudra, and the two man-made lakes bear the shape of two interlocking hearts.

The fascinating attraction was unleashed to the world by the crown prince of Dubai-Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, who shared the beautiful picture of the artificial lake on his Instagram. 

Ever since then, Al Quadra Heart Shape Lake has been a growing attraction site with numbers increasing by the month.

Romance in the Desert

With Valentine’s approaching, the Love Lake in the Al Qudra oasis Dubai makes for a perfect location to reignite your heart, flames at the irresistible site. You are welcomed in the park by the first set of hearts with a large wooden carving at the entrance. 

While here, love is everywhere right from the air, the trees, the stones, walls, and literally everywhere you look. Even better, there is an amazing collection of flowers and plants adding to the beauty.

The love lake is surrounded by over 16,000 trees and plants. Even the tree branches, begonia, the shrubs, and everything is heart-shaped. At Al Quadra Heart Shape Lake, nature is part of your love and a place where you will fall in love again and again.

Why Visit Al Quadra Heart Shape Lake

There’s so much more to Love Lake than just a chill barbecue spot or a place for an evening nature walk. The innovative attraction in Dubai is far away from the city-A place so peaceful and serene. 

If you are planning to spend an evening with a loved one and friends enjoying some quiet time, the Al Quadra heart shape lake Love Lake is a great option. 

While here, be ready to witness the most beautiful sunset in Dubai. Enjoy the magic of the sun’s orange glow spiced with the golden sand dunes and of course the greenery scenery. You can already guess the best time to visit Love Lake is just an hour before sunset.

Needless to say, when the weather is perfect, get to spend hours at the park just admiring the beauty around you and listening to the birds sing.

Besides that, the park is great for jogging, pet walking, and picnicking. This is because of the lack of residential centers nearby, and it’s unlikely you will see many joggers here. However, you will encounter a few cyclists frequenting the park.

For the love of water, get your feet wet and walk right in the water. Look out for signboards marking the shallow portions of the lake. One section of the lake is a fish pond with Koi Carp and Goldfish. 

Looking at the lake from the shore, you may not see the heart shape but just a curved lake. To get the entire shape, it’s required that you are at least 50 meters above the ground. That leaves you with two options, flying a drone or getting on a helicopter. 

Why Visit Al Quadra Heart Shape Lake


Love Lake is in line with Dubai’s eco-friendly vision for the future. Al Quadra heart shape lake is eco-friendly. The park has tissue boxes made of biodegradable materials. In addition, the basins are made of bamboo and trees.

An area named Hadirah here is fenced with picnicking facilities such as running water, barbecue stands, washrooms, and benches. 

You will also find three jogging tracks stretching over a total of 7 kilometers. A fascinating aspect of the tracks is glowing in the dark. This makes the park suitable for running even after dusk. You will notice stones marking the distance of the tracks are also heart-shaped. 

At the entrance, you will find a map of the lake and the park. These are engraved on a wooden plank. Everything in the park is literally heart-shaped. 

Take cool photos of the heart-shaped badminton court, and the group of red flowers in the garden forming a giant red heart. All these make Al quadra heart shape lake one of the most photogenic places in Dubai.

Since there are no shops or restaurants near Al Quadra heart shape lake, it’s advisable to bring food and water with you. Utilize the many wooden park benches just sitting and enjoying the views.  If you like some more fun, there are swings made from large tree branches. The swings are not suitable for young children.

Al Quadra Heart Shape Lake Facilities 

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The Al Quadra heart shape lake is not only romance-inducing enough from its heart shape but has also spelled out the love in its environs making it a perfect spot for reigniting your love. 

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