About Temporary Suspension in Dubai

Temporary suspension in Dubai for entertaining activities, this news was announced by Dubai, on Thursday. As It permits in the face of the high infection with the emerging coronavirus in the United Arab Emirates.

According to the Dubai Government Media Office in a tweet “To ensure public health and safety All entertainment permits will be suspended.”

The office confirmed that “during the past three weeks, Dubai Tourism issued more than two hundred transgressions for non-compliance. With the precautionary measures, and closed about twenty facilities.”

Temporary suspension in Dubai

Another Temporary suspension in Dubai

A number of hotels in the emirate confirmed to France-Press Agency that they would continue to serve customers. However, the hotels will no longer
longer permitted to carry out entertainment activities such as shows or DJs.

On Thursday Dubai health authority announced that all hospitals will stop all elective surgeries (medically unnecessary) Until February 19.

Results leading to the suspension 

Life seems normal in Dubai, as no closure or quarantine at malls, beaches, and restaurants. All places are crowded with visitors that’s why the government decided to announce the Temporary suspension in Dubai for entertaining activities.

At the same time, everyone must wear masks and maintain social distancing. With the emirate enacting penalties for transgressing these rules.

The UAE has witnessed a significant increase in HIV infections. Since the beginning of the new year, with more than 3,000 cases recorded daily.

It has so far recorded more than 263,000 cases of the new Coronavirus. Since the start of the pandemic, and 762 deaths.

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Finally, the country has so far provided more than two million doses of the emerging coronavirus vaccine to citizens and residents, according to official figures.

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